Soo… I am in 6th grade (really many different ones!), and I am home-schooled.lolsmileygrinrazz
And you?confuse
Here is a poem about school…
When I open the door, oh no, here comes that musty
scent of old history books, pens on the side! Should I
hide? I feel relieved when Finny Ginny the 3rd comes
in to throw me a few pleas of peace. Spagheti balls
from Seth await my test. Man, I got a tan from that
tiny whiny summer-brake beach, assures cecillia again.
Later in Life…
Oh how I wish I hadn’t goofed in school, and poofed
sand in others faces at the pool. My life supposed to
be for Christ, was wasted playing a game of dice!
Life does go on, on, on.
                                        Shall I live the rest fully to His will?
                                          This will be the question still…
                                            HOW WILL I ANSWER IT???neutral

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