Robyn’s dog’s

Hi this the next chapter of Robyn’s dog’s and I forgot to name the Aussie so her name is Sadie so let’s start !
I went next to the alley of cats  ” meow passing through my alley? ” A cat asked   “Keep to your self kiddo ” I growled back and then I went though another alley then, I saw a new broader collie boy dog , so I got in a hunting pose for fun , then…………  I jumped on the other dog ( good thing he had fluff ) ” get off me ! ” the other dog said demanded so like any dog I got off      ”What’s your name ? ” I asked ”  Jack ,why? ” he asked ”Just because see you around” I said as I passed him to go home. Very short but I will make longer ones bye for now !

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Robyn’s dog’s

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