Righteousness Ranch Part 7

Hey Guys! So, this chapter will be a mix of suspense, danger, and…………………………. CHARACTER CONTEST next chapter (I’m running short on time here.)! Hooray! Here goes! Thank you all for the support, and I will continue! Roll film!cool
Chapter 7
Thomas paced up and down, fuming. As much as he trusted Tyler Knox, he didn’t like the relieved twinkle in Tyler’s eyes when he had dismissed him without so much as a final thought. His brain, though damaged with alcohol, knew that his daughter couldn’t have just disappeared without a trace just SNAP! like that. A long time ago, Thomas’ consience had been pushed down until it was nothing but a memory, but today, it seemed to rise from the dead. Maybe she ran away. It whispered, trying to get through to the alcohol-damaged person beneath the shell of cruelty.
Thomas’ head snapped up, and he let out a furious yell.
“No!” He said, slamming his fist down on the table. HARD. Some of the glass shattered, and papers flew around, revealing the family Bible that had been hidden under stacks and stacks of bills. Since he had started drinking, he couldn’t pay the bills. He was always short a couple thousand bucks, and he was sure the children had been sneaking amounts of their savings and allowance to help pay bills concealed in the unending letters that swirled in almost every day. His eyes swiveled around, to rest on the book. He sighed. He had stopped reading that a long time ago. It just didn’t ‘fit’ with him. Thomas pondered the idea of looking at it again, of opening its dust jacketed cover and soaking in its words. It was the only thing he could think of. Something inside his hardened heart longed to pick it up and begin reading. Giving in, he picked it up and and began to read. The pages flipped to Genesis, and it began with this: In the beginning………………………..
Selena slowed to a stop as a well appeared in the desert. She had been without food or water for HOURS now. And she was weak. The well didn’t have food, but at least it had water. Spurring Lucky Charm on, she rode on until the well was within reach. Faint, she literally CRAWLED to the well and splashed water on her face, reveling in the coldness. Lucky Charm’s huge neck bent over the well, licking up the water like a sponge. As Selena rested in the shade, another shadow appeared.
“Not from around here, eh?” The voice was deep, and reminded her of Alex. She looked up to see a young boy and a young girl next to him. The boy held out his hand to Selena, and she accepted, standing to her feet.
“I’m Ken. Ken Glider.” He said. Then the girl spoke.
“And I’m *Kate Glider. She smiled. She was unsually darker than her companion, and Selena wondered what race she was. Thankfully, Kate caught Selena’s wandering eye and explained. “I’m Brazilian. I was adopted.” She said, brushing a strand of her jet black hair out of her face. Selena nodded and asked a question.
“Where am I?” Ken laughed, and pointed to the worn wooden sign swinging in the wind at the entrance.
“You’re in Castaway City. We’re a small town that’s generally peaceful.” He said, patting her on the back, then sobering up. “Are ya staying or are ya passing by?”
Selena shrugged.”I don’t know yet.” She announced. Kate smiled. “Great!” She gave a little jump of happiness.
“We didn’t quite catch your name.” Ken mentioned, looking confused. Selena, frantic not to let anyone know who she was, blurted out, “Luca Charm.”
Ken shrugged. “Okay, Luca. Would you like to tour the town?” Selena nodded. Kate grabbed her arm with one hand, and Lucky Charm’s rains in the other. “Let’s go!” Selena walked along, hoping this was for the good.
Tyler sighed for the 5th time since he got home from his mission. Selena had been his best friend since he was 5, when he had first moved here with his mother. Belle Grace, her mom, had quickly made friends with his mom, and he with Selena. Now she was gone, running from an abusive father who didn’t care for his children anymore. Tyler looked out the window. If only she knew that there was a God who loved her. If only she knew. But she didn’t. It was sad to know that Selena wouldn’t make it when Jesus came. Tyler had tried to share the word of God with her, but each time she brushed it aside. As he stared into outer space, his mom came into the room, followed by Mr. Thomas, who frowned deeply.
Tyler scrambled to his feet, straightened his collar unknowingly, and walked up to his mom, who left him and Selena’s dad alone. As Thomas came closer, Tyler could see a black book in his hand.
Looking tough, he boomed, “I told ya, I can’t find your daughter. What do you want from me?” Thomas shook his head; Tyler noticed that the stink of alcohol was not on his breath.
Instead, Selena’s dad said, “No, I’m not here because of that. I’m here because I stopped reading a book a long time ago.” He held up a worn Bible that Tyler instantly recognized: it was one he had seen when visiting Selena’s house and helping her with the horses. “And I’m starting to read it again; it’s sort of a project. But I don’t know where to start reading. You’re a Christian, right?”
Tyler took his cowboy hat off his head and fiddled with it. “Yes……………………” He said, sounded nervous. Thomas stood up and paced the floor.
“You could help me?” Tyler didn’t know where this was going. “What’s your point?” He asked, looking wary. Thomas sighed. “Just work with me here.” He said. Tyler stood up and shook his hand, recognizing how big a job this was. “I’ll try, Mr. Thomas.” And so they started, while meanwhile, Selena was getting a look at her possible future…………………………
(*Note: Kate Glider is inspired by user KawaiiArtist. Thx)
So, do ya like it? Great! So, there will be a character contest. Sorry its so short, but hey, I didn’t have much time to write this. So, see ya next chapter, and Kawaii, I had so much fun writing your character. Bye everyone. Peace to all!

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Righteousness Ranch Part 7

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