Righteousness Ranch Part 3

Ok, guys. I know you are DYING to find out who the woman is, so here we go……………… this is a major point in Selena’s life. Here goes……………….. roll film! Note: If there is a scene similar to a scene in Are You Listening, please know I didn’t copy it. Great minds think alike.
Chapter 3
Selena gaped as Alex helped her to her feet. The uniform, the air of superiority, the look in her face as she examined the house; Selena knew who this was.
“Selena, this is-” Alex broke off as Selena’s face grew harder.
“This is Eliza Calloway, Social Worker for kids who need homes.” She spat. “I read the tag.” Eliza got up from her chair and extended her cream hand to Selena’s, her aqua eyes filled with compassion, and her red hair hanging in ringlets around her shoulders: but Selena knocked the hand away.
“Your brothers told me about your, shall I say, unique, situation.” Eliza explained. Selena felt her knee swell in protest as she slammed her leg down on the ground, but Selena ignored it. She glared at Eliza as if she could see through her, and straight to her reason for coming here. She knew exactly why Eliza was here.
“You’re here, to recommend hundreds of homes and make me and Christopher foster kids. Well, guess what? You just wasted a WHOLE LOT of gas, ’cause I’m not coming with you.” Selena said. “Do you know ANYONE who wants to be a foster kid? Nobody, that’s who! Nobody wants to be a foster kid in your homes. Maybe some who are really desperate, but not me.”
Matt tried to talk to her, but Selena pushed past him and ran to the stable. Lucky Charm was waiting as always. Selena vented her anger all out. “I don’t want to leave the ranch and become a foster kid. I mean, sure, Dad drinks, and sure he beats me and stuff, but I can’t leave. I mustn’t!” Lucky Charm nickered softly.
 “I need to take a drive.” Selena said, grabbing the car keys off the bale of the bale of hay it rested on. The car keys opened an old Ram Truck that was rusty, but it still worked pretty well. Selena jumped in the truck, gunned the engine, and drove off. After a few minutes, Selena got bored of hearing nothing but the engine roaring. She turned on the radio and flipped through the stations. She was about to change the station, but decided to leave it on for a bit.
“Hey dudes! You’re listening to 156.J7, the place for insperational music, no matter the kind. Now, Never Alone by BarlowGirl.” (Please listen to this song on Youtube or Google it, but try your best to find this song. Thx!)


I waited for you
But you didn’t show
No, no, no
I needed you
So where
Did you go
Why is this song like my life right now?, Selena thought.
You told me to come
Said you’d be there
And though I haven’t seen you
Are you still there
I cry out with
No reply and
I can’t feel you by my side
I hold tight to
What I know
You’re here
And I’m
Never Alone (GUITAR RIFF)
Selena lowered the volume. She wasn’t in the mood to listen to Christian songs, especially when she knew their ‘God’ was fake for sure. The truck was driving along steadily. Until, it broke down in front of Tyler’s house. Just great! The last person she wanted to see right now, and the truck had broken down in front of their house. Selena climbed out of the truck and popped the hood. She could hear Tyler’s footsteps getting closer, and sighed when his shadow loomed over her.
“Car trouble, eh?” Tyler boomed.
“Yup.” Selena said, still poking around in the hood of the car. “Stupid truck broke down. Dad seriously needs to get this car fixed.” Tyler shrugged as steam hissed from the car. “I’d say.” Selena finally got it up and running.
“Bye.” Tyler returned it, and soon the truck was off.
Selena was in her bedroom, thinking over the day. She didn’t want to be a foster kid, yet what could she do?
“What could I do?” Suddenly she sat up. An idea was forming in her head. She could run away! That was genius! Selena began forming her plan. Her plan to escape, once and for all. Now how to get out…………………………..
So, I hope you’re excited. If she does escape, where will she go? Where will she stay? And who will take care of her? Will Tyler find her? And will her dad- I’d better stop talking.  Anyway, I hope you like this chapter and stay in suspense for next chapter. Bye! cool

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Righteousness Ranch Part 3

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