This past week we had a sibling of a Pathfinder drown!

Fortunately, there was a lifeguard on duty–a person trained to save people from the dangers of water. The trained person was able to pull the lifeless body from the water and start CPR. They gave chest compressions and breathed into the victim’s lungs. And the ultimate lifeguard, God, breathed back in the life.

I can think of a couple times in the Bible when God brought people back to life. In the case of Lazarus, he had been dead for several days and not just a few minutes.

Part of the basic requirements for all Pathfinders is to complete at least the Basic Water Safety Honor in their first year in the club. Learning to swim is very important, but how much more important to know that the Life Guard, God, is always on duty!

Check out the Basic Water Safety Honor here

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