President interviews Bookworm Jo, author of Talent Showcase series Tara & Theo

sci_geeek: Ok. *clears throat* Hello Guide! I’m sci_geeek, and today I am presenting you with an interview with BookwormJo, author of popular Talent Showcase series Tara & Theo. Welcome, Jo. Tell me, how long have you been writing for the Talent Showcase?
BookwormJo: Hey sci_geeek!  I made my writing debut on Talent Showcase two years ago! (I can barely believe it). My first piece was a joke (quite uncharacteristically), followed by a short series: Accident on the  Highway.
sci: Oh yes! I’ve read Accident on the Highway, and I’m also aware that for a while you posted a series called Imani about a slave girl who escapes to Canada. Currently your book Tara & Theo has been a hit on the Talent Showcase. What inspired the idea for Tara & Theo?
Jo: Hmm . . . I think it all started with my church’s outreach program. The program invited kids from all backgrounds to play games, learn skills, sing songs and talk about God. Occasionally there were conflicts between the kids and the supervisors. And I got the impression that the supervisors didn’t understand why the kids were misbehaving. That got me thinking. I wanted to understand; put myself in the children’s shoes. So I started thinking up scenarios. Then Tara and Theo grew from there.
sci: Wow, I love how you took something you didn’t quite understand and turned it into a writing project so you could research it. Has writing about these troubled children affected how you think of others?
Jo: Hmm . . I believe so. Like now, I usually try to think up reasons behind a person’s behaviour, which helps me keep my cool in some situations.
sci: Mm. That’s awesome. Now, about the future of Tara & Theo. What do you plan to do with it once you’re done posting it on Guide?
Jo: I’m not sure. I might publish it , though publishing and advertising are a lot of work. I had some ideas for a sequel too . . . so I might work on that and post it on Guide.
sci: That’s awesome! We would love a sequel. *turns to viewers* This was interview with Talent Showcase writer BookwormJo. Jo, thanks for joining us today and we look forward to your future posts! 
Jo: It was great to be on the show! Thanks!

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President interviews Bookworm Jo, author of Talent Showcase series Tara & Theo

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