Prairieview and prayer 2

Morgan was very excited, Prairieview  was hosting a game night for all the parents and students. Morgan and her friends had prepared very hard for the night, and had many things planned, such as a snack stand, board games, and sports such as basketball and soccer.

At last the night came and everything was ready, Morgan was really happy to be able to go, her family often didn’t go to events like this. Morgan’s father was very controlling about where Morgan’s family went, but tonight he would join Morgan’s family at the game night. Morgan made her way to the snack stand, everything was going great. Sometimes Morgan’s friend Bryan would fill in for Morgan and let her go to the games.

When Morgan walked in, the school was playing basketball. Morgan didn’t know much about the game,and couldn’t dribble very well yet, but she liked playing and was having fun, until her dad pulled her over and meanly told her that she needed to dribble better. That really ruined Morgan’s night, and she couldn’t seem to have fun at the games anymore.

That night as Morgan was lying in bed, she thought about all the things her dad did that just didn’t seem right. She was beginning to realize that her dad’s behavior maybe wasn’t normal for a family. As she was thinking, a new thought popped into Morgan’s head, she wondered if maybe, just maybe, there really was another life out there, a life where Morgan and her family was free, not controlled or put down, maybe there was a life without fear. That night Morgan resolved that she would be free, somehow or someway. She didn’t quite know how she was going to do it, but she figured that if she prayed and asked God to free her, he would come through and rescue her. She figured that if she couldn’t be free, she would end her life, because she was tired of living in fear and physically and emotionally couldn’t go on.

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Prairieview and prayer 2

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