Pickle on a string


The Pickle on a String


Once, my brother and I were very, very bored, as we were at our “Boring Grandma’s” house. (Don’t tell her we call her that.) Her house was a one room little cottage in the middle of the woods in Decatur, Michigan. We slept in the small loft that was on the right side of the house. At this certain time, our grandma was at the store and our kid-like dad was watching us. He was outside checking on the pumpkins he was growing at the time, and Ceal and I decided to play a prank. Dad loves pickles, and so we decided that would be the main part of the prank. We got a pickle from the fridge, and found a piece of our grandma’s yarn. We tied the pickle to the string and tied the other end to the banister of the stairs that led up to the loft. Then, Cael said “I hear Dad coming! Act oblivious!”


Dad walked in a didn’t notice the pickle at first. He got some bread and butter and put it into the toaster. He then walked toward the door again and promptly smacked into the pickle with his face. He stepped back, and we braced ourselves for trouble. Dad just stood there looking at the pickle for a minute, and then unexpectedly ripped it from it’s string and bit into it. Not saying a word, he walked out the door. For the rest of the day, and to this day, no one has ever mentioned the pickle. I am sure that Cael and Dad both forgot, but I still remember the incident vividly.


By Aislin Heiss


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Pickle on a string

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