Pete’s Adventure: What to do? Part 4

Pete’s Adventure:
 What to do? Part 4
“I’m just going to figure out what we are going to do Becy and Jade”. Said Pete, ” I jus hope it doesn’t take to lon”. Said Jade. ” I’m sure it wouldn’t be that long ” said Pete. they all waited and waited for a plan, then Pete said, “Yeah i got it!”
” Wat is it?” said becy yawning. ” I’ve figured out a plan!” Said Pete ” Wat plan? ” said Jade. ” Well the plan is that i go the left way u girls go different paths”. “Wat?!” Said Becy and Jade, ” I thought this was a joke!” said Becy, ” Jade, lets go into the jungle and help him find the animal, Pete will look for the person with his gadgets or watever”. Said Becy Pete looked at lots of people but they didn’t look suspicious… he went to the jungle to look for Jade and Becy…..Meanwhile, Jade said to becy ” I hear somtin snorting!, i’m just abit scared it’s getting late. Becy answered ” We should of never listened to that boy, he made a silly plan!”. There was more snorting, it got nearer and nearer, and nearer!!! then a multitude of hogs with huge tusks came running and snorting much louder! Jade stared in horror, ” Becy! look!”. Becy turned around then saw those pigs and ran for their lifes! Becy and Jade shouted and the village suspected something was wrong so they went into the Jungle in a hurry. Pete heard some screaming but he didn’t know what it was, he then bumped into a villager, ” Wat u doing out here little boy?!” said the villager. ” ummm ah, I’m I’m just looking for my friends “. Pete stuttered, the old villager stared him right in the face, ” Yah better not be lying, it late out in this jungle”. Pete answered ” Then why are u out here?”
The old villager slapped him and said ” Don’t question old men when they speak to you!” Pete ran away.
Part 5 coming soon

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Pete’s Adventure: What to do? Part 4

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