Part 4 Two Reunions in a year

Julia, I’m afraid the entire 7th, 8th and 6th grade classrooms have burnt down, said the Principal.eekWhatttt!?! Julie thought I’m in the 7th grade, and it is bwetween the 8th and 6th grade….which means it might have the most damage. one the other end someone told principal Stewart ” Two firefighters just got hurt” “Mr. Holliswell and Mr. Simons”. What? thought Julie: isn’t that my dad? Principal Stewart  hung up.  Julie quickly dialed the firefighter chief’s (who she called uncle Smokey) number. Hello? He answered. Uncle Smokey I think my dads been  hurt!  she said quickly . Julie? is it You? he asked. Yes she replied,”Your dad has some injuries but he should be fine in about two weeks” I’ts Pete Holliswell I’m worried about” Why? Julie asked “He has been unconscious since he fell out the 2nd floor window. “It’s not that high but I’m still worried” ” Julie, listen to me, your father told me to tell you to  call your grandparents and tell them to come in a few days, and stay with your cousin Liliana until they come” okay, said Julie. She did enjoy staying with her cousin Liliana or Lily, who lived right down the hall from her (she lived in a apartment) .She would go but she decided to get a few granola bars at the market first. It was a five minute walk from her house, so she texted Lily an update on what was going on. She told her  “okay buy me a bubble gumrazz” she got $5  and started walking to the store. 2 blocks into the walk she heard a familiar whistle. “where do i know that from….THAT’S THE WHISTLE  THAT ME AND JULEENA (ju-lane-ah, her twin who is missing) MADE UP FOR WHEN WE WHERE IN DANGER! She calmed down a little”but who would know it? Suddenly a hand from a bush grabbed her.

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Part 4 Two Reunions in a year

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