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There I stood on the auctioneer’s block
Alone, and a slave to my sins.
They all bid to hurt me the worst
But in the end, each of them wins.

Then out from the crowd
Steps a free Man
He clears His throat
And stretches out His hand.

“I pay with My life,
Pure as white snow.
This child is Mine.
You must let him go.”

I lift up my head
And look in His eyes.
I see only love
Despite the high price.

“You can be Mine,
It’s your choice to come,”
He says to me,
His voice a soft hum.

I am His child
For now, evermore.
Though I do not know much,
Of this I am sure:

He paid a great price
And never once did regret.
Even when I turn away and come back,
He’ll always forgive, wipe clean, and forget.

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