Olive Branches, Chapter 17

This chapter was written by Alyssa4Jesus!

Thursday, September 10 – Avalon Jacobs

I was home that afternoon and I decided to take some time outside. I was sitting down on the porch, watching the kids play in the neighbourhood, the sun shining and it was a bit breezy. The place was calm, peaceful and if I’m being completely honest, beautiful. Then, my mind wandered off to an experience I had like this. I was sitting right on this porch one evening when I was younger and taken hostage.. I still remember my kidnapper’s final words to me:

“I’ll come back for you, and this time, I won’t let you go so easily.”

I shivered at the thought of what he said to me. Then, I saw Adam come out to me with a plate of donuts . He’s been really nice lately. He sat beside me, handed me the plate and just started to look all over the place. I started to eat them and he started talking. 

“Ava, I know we haven’t had the best brother, sister relationship. To be honest to you, I always thought you were a freak. You were always depressed and crying. I didn’t really understand what you were going through. I actually still don’t understand it, but, I realized, me being cold and unkind to you won’t make the situation any better. I love you Ava. You’re my little sister and no matter who says anything to you otherwise, I’ll always be right here for you,” he said. I was blown away. I felt so grateful for his kind words that all of a sudden I grabbed him into a tight squeeze. He was shocked, but slowly hugged me back. We stayed there for at least 3 minutes then I got up. 

“So, where are you going?” he asked. 

“Back inside,” I said. 

“Let’s go for a walk. I’m sure that will be fun enough,” he said with a shrug. I nodded my head and we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. We passed a small cafe and of course, Adam had to go inside to get something. We ordered two hot chocolates and sat down to talk. I was actually enjoying myself and smiling once or twice at Adam’s jokes when all of a sudden, he walks in. I went completely white in the face. He approached me with a small smile on his face but I got up and ran out of the building, straight back home. 

“Hey!” Adam shouted at me when he entered the house. “What was that all about?”

He tricked me. He made me feel like I was worth something only to betray me. The mere sight of his face makes me angry,” I said.

“But who is he?” Adam asked. 

“He was…..the only friend I had in eighth grade at my old school,” I said. I didn’t want him to know my secret. Mark Andrew Hall was secretly my old boyfriend. Seems weird that I had one with the state I was in but how could I refuse. He was super kind to me and he did look nice. I end up coming out of my corner, trying to get a bit of a change and …fell in love with him. But love is fake. It’s stupid and worthless because you’ll become old news and they’ll move on to a newer, fresher, candidate. 

“Oh, what’s his name?” Adam asked. 

“Mark,” I replied. Adam nodded his head. We decided to watch a movie. He chooses a very soothing and comforting movie and I happened to like it. I was finally getting comfortable when there was a knock on the door. My brother went for it and a group of teens barged into the home. 

“Ava, meet Carson, Zana, Nicky and Matthew. You don’t mind if they stay over for a bit?” he asked, I shook my head. 

“Hey, nice to meet you,” Zana said, sticking her arm out at me. I shook it and whispered something nice to her. 

“You didn’t tell me you had a pretty little sister,” Matthew said, winking at me. Me? Pretty? Ha! That was funny. I swore I would’ve laughed. 

“He told us he had a sister, duh,” Nicky said, playing with my hair. “How old are you?” she asked.  

“14,” I answered, blankly. They were all 15.

“So,you are a newbie to your school. How is it so far?” Carson asked, trying to spark up a conversation. My brother stepped in, trying to say I’m not one to talk up really but I stepped out of my comfort zone, for what reasons? I didn’t know.

“It’s pretty boring so far. I haven’t really spoken to anyone, even though they spoke to me,” I replied. 

“You don’t seem to talk much. What do you do?” Zana asked. 

“I like Art,” I told him.

“So you’re pretty good at it?” Matthew asked. I nodded my head. 

“Can we see some?” Carson asked. I scratched my head then ran upstairs and came back down. I was pretty nervous to show them. I took a deep breath and opened my sketch book. They were pretty amazed. 

“Your paintings seem to send a message. What are you trying to say?” Carson asked. I lowered my head. He noticed I didn’t really want to say. “It’s fine if you don’t answer. Your pieces are amazing. You’re a very talented girl,” he said to me, staring me right in the eye. His eyes were deep brown and ten-AVALON! Get a hold of yourself. Feelings like these should be avoided with your heart, soul and mind!’ I thought. I whispered a thank you, excused myself and returned to my room. Later that evening, I received several text messages on my phone.

*Bubby_fresh_Donuts, Matt_Matt_Blues, Nicky_Manjelo_Bae and _ItzzzzzZanaWana_ have all sent you friend requests*

I honestly smiled and giggled a bit when I saw it. Cheered me up a bit. Now to remember to not get too close.

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Olive Branches, Chapter 17

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