OK guys so I decided not…..

OK guys so I decided not to continue Brave Kids.
But! I STILL need help if I’m going to write another story. Of course, you don’t have to answer ALL of them. ( I might answer some) I need names, gender, personally, looks and nationally for the following :
  1. Main character’s dog
  2. Younger sister of the main character
  3. Older brother of the main character
  4. Main character’s best friend’s dog
  5. Main character best friend
  6. School cafeteria person
  7. School teacher
  8. 1 bully
  9. 2 bully
  10. Boss of the bullys
  11. Main character’s Father
  12. Main character’s Mother
  13. Pastor
  14. Pastor’s wife
  15. Pastor’s oldest daughter
  16. Pastor’s youngest daughter
  17. Pastor’s eldest son
  18. Main character’s best friend’s bother
  19. Horse
  20. Later friends

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OK guys so I decided not…..

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