New story !!!

So I am still continuing Journey
School and work and stuff as
Everyone knows so Journey next chapter is here !! ( and a surprise! !!! at the end ) :
Mrs.Forman  lead me to the kitchen .”here is where you will work helping Eli , he is 19 years old a very nice boy for you to work with
 and please calm you temper !  said Mrs.Forman
Ok I said quietly , then a boy with very clear blue eyes and blonde hair  (teen ) introduced himself .” Hi Sarah I am Eli as Mrs.Forman told you so I went to the market and oof so many german soldiers there , look Sarah life in the kitchen is tough and sweet
As he pop a  cherry into he’s mouth and then continue speaking ,”and oh the time! turn on the radio hurry! .”
I turn on the radio and heard : there are rumors about germans soilders coming to Italy and Finland and …..
I didn’t heard the last few days about Mother , I soon got worried but then I looked at the time ,oh dear !, so Eli and I got cooking
Ugh ! so hard work .” I said
.” I know right anyways merci ( thank in french ) for the help and everything ,” said Eli
    Later ( minight ) wake up wake up ! Mrs . Forman whisper to some children , then she gathere them up and took them to a bus waiting for them . So that is the end of the chapter of Journey more coming up bye
 WAIT A SECOND the BIG SURPRISE NEW STORY of Emma and her family moving from the city to the country and how her singer life turns around  (the whole way around )  and here is A SHOUT OUT TO PATHFINDER 4 EVER ( oof I am really knocking myself out lol )
THANKS for the wesite and here is a picture of Emma :

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New story !!!

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