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 Hi, I’m new here,  Hope you like this story. It currently doesn’t have a title, so if you have any good suggestions after reading this excerpt please let me know in the comments, Thanks.

Major Characters are:

– (Main) Bree Davis.

– Brynn Davis

– Grant Hansen

Chapter 1


My twin sister, Brynn and I came out of the community library. 


Suddenly……..A boy around seven came rushing out and banged into us, knocking our books to the ground. “I’m so sorry,” He said, “Here, let me help you pick them up. By the way, I’m Tyson”. 


Brynn, the outgoing one, smiled, “Well Tyson….” 


Tyson interrupted, “Please call me Ty”.


Brynn grinned, “Okay then, Ty, It’s nice to meet you. I’m Brynn and that’s my twin sister Bree”. 


“I can speak for myself.” I said, laughing.


Just then a boy several years older came out of the library carrying a girl around two years old with one hand and several books in the other. “Ty, can you come help with Kinsley?” He asked. 


Ty grinned, “Sure”. 


“Is that your brother?” I asked Ty. 


“Yup, that’s my brother, Grant.” Ty said proudly. 


I laughed, “You must really love your brother”. 


“Yup, he’s the best. He’s, he’s, like my dad………..” Ty’s eyes clouded up, “Dad……..” 


“That’s great………” I said.


“No, you don’t understand. My dad is dead.” Ty said bitterly.


“Come on Ty, Mom will be waiting for us.” Grant said cheerfully, but his eyes looked sad. 


“Well,” Said Brynn, never the one to be gloomy. “Bree and I have to get going too. See you guys around”. 


Kinsley smiled and waved at us as we headed home. 


“I feel so bad for Ty, Grant and Kinsley.” I stated as we turned the corner of our street. “I would have felt just like Ty did, if that happened to me”. 


Brynn nodded in agreement. “Ya……..It’s so, well, sad”. 


“Don’t you think Grant’s such a great older brother. He must be real busy with school, helping care for Ty and Kinsley.” I said.




Chapter 2


The next day, We went to pick up some peanut butter for our mom at the local convenience store. To our surprise Grant was the cashier. 


“Welcome to Cranston Street Convenience Store, how may I help you? Oh, it’s Brynn and Brianna.” 


I giggled, “I’m Bree, not Brianna, most people get my name wrong”.


Grant chuckled. “Okay, Bree.”


“I didn’t know you worked here.” Brynn said.


“It’s a side job, I have to bring some money back.” Grant said, “Mom’s job doesn’t bring a lot of money.” 


“Oh, say, would you like to come to church next week with us?” I asked.


“I don’t know, I have to watch Kinsley and Ty.”


Brynn grinned, “No problem, There’s classes for Ty and Kinsley.” 


“Okay, Next week, Sunday morning?” Grant asked.


“Ummm, no, It’s Saturday morning.” I said.


“Saturday? You go to church on Saturday?” Grant looked puzzled.


“Well,” Brynn quickly explained. “We are Seventh Day Adventists. We go to church on Saturdays, ” 


Grant nodded, “Uh, Okay, No problem. I guess I’ll see you then.” 



I’ll post more soon…….Also, As the story is still in the editing process, some of the story might be different from this version, so check for updates.

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