New Life

There once was a girl named Alyssa who had a best friend named Robbie. Alyssa and Robbie had just become Christians, and their lives were at their finest, until Robbie got sick. He had somehow acquired tuberculosis, but he didn’t know it until it was too late. Robbie was now in the hospital and was close to death. Alyssa and Robbie had learned that prayer fixes things, so they prayed for many days. Sadly, Robbie still ended up dying, and Alyssa was heartbroken, as she thought she had lost her friend forever. That Sabbath, although still crushed, Alyssa attended Sabbath School, where Pastor Mike spoke about the book of Revelation and new life when Jesus comes again. As Alyssa came out of the Sabbath School classroom, her sadness went away, as she now knew that she would see Robbie once again when Jesus comes again.

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New Life

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