New life

Hi guys I’m going to be writing this new book  ( this is not a real book ) but I hope that you guys can enjoy. smiley        Abigail wake up or you are going to miss the bus !! , mother call from down stairs, suddenly I woke up .I look that my alarm clock it’s was 6:30 , I quickly as I could change into my new uniform and rush down stair almost crashing into my brother Ezra .Sorry Ezra , l yell as I run to the bus stop. Just in time for the bus , I suddenly realize I had forgot to my breakfast and also I new here I look around to find a seat , finally finding a seat I sit down remembering when I was home in Germany , I kinda catch up in my daydreaming then I realize the school bus stop by the school parking lot . Every one got off the bus ,when I hear the school bell . I rush to my class when I almost forgot the about no running in hallways rule , then I finally got to class Mrs . Coffee  ( my new teacher ) introduced me to the class , everyone had eye’s on me I froze, then Mrs. Coffee spoke up , every two desks are together so you can choose from this two classmates, there is
 Simon and Jerry , She point to two desks in corner of the class room I look at that two boys I thought,
Simon on one hand look like he came from tash can plus he kinda fat not to be rude  and Jerry didn’t look away from his book besides he look like he came back from a soccer game. So I choose to sit by Jerry
I slip into my seat , I slip a note to Jerry saying that,  hi I am Abigail. When Mrs. Coffee said OK class let’s open are math books to pages 1-2 and Jerry stop reading that book and came to hand me over the book ,. Then he stood up and hand over the book , as he sat down and with a small smile he said, hi Abigail.  With what he sat down , I open my math book, *** then bell rang we all started a line I was at the end of the line, so we walk to the lunch room, I was about to go find a table,  when there was a scream coming from the kitchen,  so I lay down tray at the nearest  table when a voice said Jerry come now !!!!!
                                                                                                     Jerry side
Oh no, I thought,  I ran to the kitchen here I found  Mrs. Evens the cook looking worry about  the kitchen and said, who did this , she demand for their was a huge mess around the kitchen floor, then I heard a gasp as I turn I saw Abigail for your information she was the new girl , then Abigail came and said, sorry miss but may I ask you some questions about that happened here ? . Mrs. Evens look surprise but she said , the whole world can come but I want who did this besides I made some cupcakes for the whole 6th class but someone stole them ! So Abigail ask, when did you start baking the cupcakes? Mrs.Evens said, I started to baking them that 11:00 am and then after I started to get the lunches ready , oh !I remember after I had the lunches ready l help Simon clean up the tash can he thew over because he was running so I made him clean up after that Diana came in to take her jacket and Almeida came in after Diana to drink from the water fountain when bell rang for the next class . Then I said , oh that why Simon was so dirty and he aways dirty . Then Abigail said did you hear a thud or something when they came in ? Why yes I hear a thud short after Diana came in, Mrs. Evens said , then Abigail said something that surprise us all ,she said I know who did this , and its not Jerry. She said to me ,can you please show where is the playground? I turn to friends  (guys friends ) So I nodded, then she took off . Running after her I yell , if it wasn’t me then took the cupcakes ?!! Follow me she yell back ,so we (me and my friends ) follow her to shade house (a place where to find shade in the playground ) And there was Diana. Abigail said, can you please show me your lunch box ? Uh … Sure  said Diana , so she open her lunch box there was the cupcakes !!! So Diana went to apologize to Mrs. Evens, after the whole class ate the cupcakes, I went to find Abigail
                                                    Abigail side
 As I was done eating my cupcake , when Jerry came up to me ,Jerry said, how did know that it was Diana ? Oh well after what Mrs. Evens say , it couldn’t be Simon because he had to clean up after what he did and there Almeida who came in also but she had to drink water and bell rang for the next class so she didn’t have time to take the cupcakes,  last but not lest there Diana who got her , ” jacket “, but what I thought she must have took the cupcakes and hidden the cupcakes in her lunch box and cover it with her jacket then bell rang again if any students who forgot about class and that she was so surprise she knock over the flour. Oh that makes sense,   besides why did Diana want cupcakes ? And to be friends ? Jerry said . OK,  and I did know why she cupcakes ,?Abigail said
(So thanks for reading and if I made any mistakes you can make me know,  so if you guys want more stories let me know in comments lol)

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New life

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