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Failure Preview
“Alex, where is your 20 page essay?”
“Alex, did you complete your math worksheet?”
“You failed.”
Alex ran to the women’s bathroom. Everything was going terrible for her. She locked her stall. She didn’t have to use the restroom, but she needed to have some privacy. All of the sudden Alex heard two footsteps hurriedly walk in the bathroom.
“Oh my goodness! Do you have a safety pin?” Alex recognized the voice as Trisha, the most popular girl in school.
“How did your dress’ zipper break anyways?” Sassy Stephanie questioned.
“Just give me a safety pin!”
“I don’t have one.”
Alex searched her pocket and found a safety pin. “Hey,” Alex said as she opened her stall door. “I have a safety pin.” She extended it out to Trisha. She snatched it from Alex’s hand and handed it to Stephanie.
“Oh my goodness you are such a life saver!”
I just gave you a safety pin… Alex thought.
“No problem.” She said sheepishly.
“What’s your name?” Trisha said as she reapplied her mascara.
“I’m Alex.”
“We should hang out sometime! What’s your number?”
Another book even though I’m still writing When the Time Comes? Well, I’m still waiting for you guys to ask some questions for Olivia, and I’ve been planning this series for a long time. This book is the 1st part of 3 books about our main character, Alex (pictured above)! Honestly, I love this book and can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working so hard on! I will publish the first chapter on January 1. Now I will submit it on January 1 but that does not mean it will be posted on January 1 since the editors have to put their stamp of approval on it. But yes I am so excited! (Also the pic was made with Canva, and Alex was made with an avatar maker site)

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New Book Coming Soon!

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