Nancy Drew SDA Edition.

Sorry Guys. I’ve been SO caught up in school, homework, and this other website that I totally forgot about this one! I’m continuing the Nancy SDA serious. So read on!
Bess, George, and Nancy were in Bess’s black SUV in about an hour. They quickly drove to Bess’s boyfriend’s party. When they arrived it was packed. But eventually they found a parking by the side walk and went inside. Surprisingly, Nancy noticed the suspect right as she stepped through the door. She told Bess nor George and continued observing. Bess ran towards her boyfriend with a present in her hand. He gave her a little kiss on the cheek and they danced to the beat of the music. Nancy went to the punch bar, following the suspect, also pretending that she was just getting a drink. When Nancy tasted the punch, it was disgusting. She trashed the juice and got a bottle of water. She was getting a little bored. She scanned the room for George. She was texting the night away on her I Phone 5. Nancy rolled her eyes and made a mental note to try and buy the high-technology phone. Then she saw that the suspect was leaving the house. She quickly followed him..unseen. 
Nancy had to jump over a fence…..with a dress on. It was manageable. But Nancy just couldn’t do it. She couldn’t follow the suspect anymore. Then she went in Bess’s car. (Using the spare keys in the dashboard) And drove around the gate. Yeah I’m good…. Nancy thought proudly and caught sight of the teenage suspect. Clearly he noticed her and started running. Nancy got out of the car and chased him. 

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Nancy Drew SDA Edition.

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