My Secret Identity, Part/Chapter 4

     “Here we are, Your Highness. Your very own suite.” Amanda waves her hand around the small hall we are in, indicating where the two sets of doors on either wall lead. “Piano Room, Playroom. And there is your bedroom. The bathroom is that way.” She points to the large set of doors straight ahead. I gaze around the hall openmouthed. There are potted plants, golden statues, and settees against the walls. Above our heads, a medium-sized chandelier sparkles.
     Eager to see what was behind the doors, I ran up to them, grasped the shiny golden handles, and threw them open with a flourish; feeling like soon-to-be Queen Elsa throwing open her study doors to sing, “TELL THE GUARDS TO OPEN UP… THE GAATEES!!!” I grin at this thought, but my mouth slowly melts to an O shape as I take in the room in front of me.
     Amanda steps up behind me. “Queen size bed, the sheets are a cotton and silk blend, large window with drapes, two mirrors, two nightstands, nice size, ceiling accents, your on-suite bathroom is that way.” She points to a small hallway leading off the room to the left. “Do you need anything, Your Highness?”
     I manage to shake my head no.
     “Very well, Princess. Go ahead and settle in, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back to take you to visit the Queen in an hour. Is that all right?”
     Amanda nods. “Very good. See you in an hour, Your Highness.”
     Just after the door shuts behind her, it dawns on me that nobody has called me by my name.
     For about the first five minutes, I move around the room daring myself to touch things. When  I’m a little more relaxed, I dig into my duffel bag and pull out my iPod, plug in my favorite green earbuds, and play a remix album* by my favorite artist, because I love dance music. With the autotune and vinyl scratches blasting in my ears, I spin and jump and dance around the huge room.  Soon I am 100% percent into the whole song, and I climb up onto the huge bed and dance like there’s no tomorrow. This is so much fun!!
     “I see you…like a star in the sky…” I sing loudly, and the music is so loud and I am so wrapped up in the music and my dancing, I can’t hear anything else, not even my own feet hitting the carpet as I jump down to the floor.
     Suddenly, a finger taps my shoulder. I yelp and whirl around to see that Katie girl standing behind me saying something. What does she want?
     I sigh and pause the music, and yank my earbuds from my ears.
     “-and I just wanted to see if you were okay.”
     Katie notices my earbuds in my hands and laughs. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were listening to music.”
     I shrug and toss them onto the bed. “It’s okay, what’s up?”
     “Well, I just wanted to come see if you wanted some company or anything. You seemed really confused and nervous when you got here, which makes complete sense.”
     I smile a little. Katie seems pretty nice. “Oh, um- sure. Thanks.”
     She grins and sits on the bed next to me. “So Aria, is it okay if I ask you a question?”
     “You did know you were a princess before you got here, right? Like you didn’t just find out, right?”
     I feel my cheeks warming. “Um…well…not exactly.”
     I tell Katie the whole story, stopping when Mom and I arrived at the palace. “And I have no idea where she is!! They didn’t arrest her or anything, right?”
     “Wow,” Katie’s mouth hangs open. “So you’re saying never in your LIFE you knew you were…a princess?”
     “Bingo,” I groaned, and dropped onto the bed.
     “Wow”, she says again, “that’s deep.” I stare glumly at the decorated ceiling, then pick up my iPod and press the home button.
     Suddenly I sit bolt upright. “13:01! It’s been an hour!” I look nervously at the door. “Amanda’s taking me to meet THE QUEEN! What do I do?!? What do I say!?!” I glance down at myself in a panic. “What should I wear?!?!”
     Katie puts her hand on my arm. “Aria, you’re fine! She’s your grandma, even if you did breach a rule or two, she wouldn’t jump on you. Grandmas are awesome like that.”
     “Breach a rule?! What rule?!” Butterflies flit in my stomach all of a sudden, and I hear a knock at the door. No time now!!!
Sorry I didn’t post for soo long I will try to get the next part up soon (I kind of had to wrap this up sooner than I meant to, man typing this stuff takes a while)!!! (She really will meet the Queen in the next one lol)
*Does anyone know what song Aria’s listening to???  ;D

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My Secret Identity, Part/Chapter 4

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