My Gramps’ House, Chapter 2

The next day…

The family was in the car on the road to Grammy and Grandpa’s.

“Mom, I will do my chores for a month without complaining! I’ll even do my piano without complaining!” Annika offered.

“No Annika! Why are you so intent on not going?” Mrs. Preston asked.

Annika sighed. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Gramps. It’s just that…”

“Just that what?” Mrs. Preston interrupted.

“Grandpa hates phones, and TV’s, and will probably take mine away!” Annika burst. Mrs. Preston just laughed and shook her head. Annika had the feeling that her point wasn’t getting through. ‘Maybe if I pout the rest of the way, mom will feel sorry for me, and let me stay home.’ Annika thought.

“Mom! I forgot my luggage! Oh well, I guess I have to stay home, huh?” Annika piped up.

Mrs. Preston gave her a knowing look. “Annika, nothing you say will get me to change my mind.” She said. “Besides, I think it will be good for you to stay in a place that doesn’t have technology everywhere.”

‘And I think that it is certain doom.’ Annika thought.

“We’re here!” Mrs. Preston announced as she pulled into the driveway. As Emily and Peter cheered, Annika squinted her eyes, trying process the state of the house. It was an old farmhouse, with faded white paint, a vegetable garden in the back, and a bright red tractor in the front. Annika didn’t notice her mom looking at her. “There may not be a lot of technology around, but you could be surprised by what you see inside.” She said.

“As if that could happen,” Annika sighed. Peter and Emily bounced out of the car while Annika stayed as still as possible.

“Annika! Out!” Mrs. Preston ordered.

“Fine!” Annika said, accepting her defeat. She stepped out and closed the car door. ‘Maybe I can hide away in the bedroom while Emily and Peter have fun. The both of them together does equal ten people anyway. Nobody would ever notice I’m gone.‘ Annika trudged up the driveway.


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My Gramps’ House, Chapter 2

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