My first try

Hi guys. This is my first time to write a story. This is a story I read some where lllooooonngg time ago (I modified it almost all of it so it). It’s not true though.
      The Sun and The Wind
   One day the Sun and the Wind where arguing over “Who was the strongest”. So they decided to have a contest.
 Scheduled for the following day. The day of the contest came bright and early. The Sun and the Wind decided on a place.
 When they arrived they spotted a lonely traveler, and the Sun exclaimed, ” Hey Wind lets see who can get the coat off of that man!”
 Wind boasted, “Oh that will be super easy!”
 Sun “Well maybe not.”
 Wind “Of coarse I can do that!”
 Sun “Do you want to start? Or shall I ?”
 Wind “I’ll start of coarse,” he replied haughtily.
 Sun “On your mark get set and Go!”
 The Wind blew and blew and blew and blew,but the man just pulled his coat tighter. He became angry and blew with all his might, but the man wrapped his coat tightly around him-self. Finely the Wind gave up, and hoarsely whispered ” Sun your turn, I quit it’s to hard!”
 Then the Sun smiled at the man and he smiled. It became hot. The man took off his coat.
 “The Sun won,” the Eagles squawked.
  ” Your the winner the audience cheered.
” So that’s what happened today,” the Sparrow chirped.
So that’s the end of that story. Do you like it? if you do please press the thumbs up button smiley. Any suggestions on how to write better?

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My first try

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