Moving Mountains


If you haven’t been to the Rockies or another large mountain chain, you’re missing out. Looking at the rocks and boulders that line the roads through the mountains you can see that some boulders are the size of buildings. These boulders are just small fractions of the whole mountain.

When you crest the pass westbound out of Denver you can see mountains to left, to the right, above you, stretching out in front of you and below you into the valley ahead. All around you are signs of a global flood and the subsequent catastrophic effects of plate tectonics and post-flood movement of massive bodies of water.

The Bible tells us that when you have faith we can move mountains. Some people think that this is more figurative than literal, but remember in the Bible also has the example of the Sun standing still. Which we now understand means that God slowed the rotation of the earth and then sped it back up. All because Joshua had the faith to ask for a few more hours of day light to win a war. What is a tiny single mountain to God when he’s already moved the whole Earth for Joshua!

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Moving Mountains

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