More than she Wished For~Chapter 3

Hello everyone! It’s Readingandrainbows again! And I’m here to bring you chapter three of More than she Wished For. I have finished writing this series, so when I finish, (if you want me to) I am in the middle of writing a new series, called Waiting for You. It’s going to be a Christian fiction series, and the chapters  are much longer than what I used to call chapters, even longer than this story. So, maybe I’ll post chapter one, for you to tell me what you think. Anyway, here’s chapter three!
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“Sarah, did you forget what today is?” Aunt Amy asked.
“Umm, it’s Wednesday. Can I go play with Amy now?” She replied.
“No. It’s your birthday!” Aunt Amy exclaimed.
“Happy birthday Sarah!” Uncle Chad surprised her.
“Happy birthday!” Amy said.
Everyone laughed.
That afternoon, Sarah helped Aunt Amy make a chocolate birthday cake. She measured out the flour, sugar, and even practiced cracking an egg.
“What color birthday candles would you like?” Aunt Amy asked.
“Umm, maybe these pink ones. Oh, can I use the trick candles that light up many times?” Sarah asked, looking in a box which contained all different sorts of candles.
“Sure.” Her aunt replied.
For dinner, Aunt Amy brought out the cake. They sang “Happy Birthday” and Sarah blew out the candles.
“Make a wish!” Uncle Chad suggested.
“Ok.” Sarah replied. Silently, she wished for something very important to her.
Suddenly, the candles lighted up again.
“Can I make another wish?” She asked.
“Sure.” Aunt Amy replied.
As she blew them out, for a second time, she looked at Amy, and wished silently, “I want Amy to become my sister.”
The rest of the evening was very enjoyable. Amy was building towers with Sarah’s old building blocks, and screamed her head off every time it fell down. Uncle Chad was teaching Sarah how to play checkers.
“Girls, I’m sorry, but you need to go to bed. It’s almost nine o’clock!” Aunt Amy said, herding the girls to Sarah’s room, where Amy also was sleeping.
When Aunt Amy came to Sarah’s side of the bed, Sarah surprised Aunt Amy by asking, “Do you think my parents are alive?”
“Well, Sarah, it’s been a long time. I know it’s hard for you,” she paused, and changed the subject, “but you need to get some sleep.”
“Do you remember what my mom was like?” Sarah asked.
“Well, it’s been a long time, and…” Her voice trailed off. “When you’re older, I’ll tell you more.
“Tell me what?” Sarah wanted to say, but her aunt had silently walked away.

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More than she Wished For~Chapter 3

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