More In Store (Poem of Encouragement)

 A poem of encouragement
Drained out
Left alone,
No place
You can call home.
Your friends left
You have no food
And you’re always
In a bad mood
And you’re lonely
Full of sorrow
Don’t know if
You’ll have a tomorrow.
While in school
They call you names
And you’re thinking,
Who’s to blame?
Tried so hard
To get that A,
But so many milestones
Are in your way.
You’re thinking about
Finding those pills
To free your misery
Yes, that’s your will.
Is all that’s blocking you
But you’ve already planned
What you will do.
But wait,
What’s that you hear?
A still voice
Speaking in your ear.
“You have your whole
life ahead,
Clean the scars
From which you bled;
I’ve taken pain
Just for you!
For a moment
My life was through.
So why should you
Have to die
When I’ve already
Paid that price?
When your friends left,
I took them away
They were no good
They couldn’t stay.
You had no food?
It was just a test
Cause don’t you know
That you are blessed?
When you fail
All you have to do
Is pray to me
I’ll comfort you.
So please child,
Don’t make that mistake
Of ending your life
Just take a break
From all those worldly
Deceitful ‘treasures’.
Think. In heaven,
How much does it measure?
I am your Father
I love you so much
To see you suffer
Would be such
A painful sight
In my eyes
So just focus
On the prize.
Remember that
I am here.
Though you don’t see me,
I am near.”
Thoughts of pills
Erase from your mind
As you realize
There’s much to find.
There is a heaven
Up above
And a father
Looking down with love.
” For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
-Jeremiah 29:11

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More In Store (Poem of Encouragement)

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