Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 8

“Ok, what is your story?” Kaila inquired.
“Why have you been asking everyone this?” Aviana asked while cooking, obviously annoyed.
“Because I want to know. Answer me.”
“Don’t boss me around.”
Kaila sighed. Aviana was always had a little too much sass, and when it wasn’t necessary at all.
“Because I’m bored and I want to know,” Kaila said. It was the truth, but there was another side of it.
“You’re like an infant.”
“I am.” Kaila said, laughing.
Aviana sighed. “Alright.” She looked around. “I was fooled by Adrian. He put his arms around me and told me I was everything that mattered, and even though I always put up the strong person type of persona, in the end, I’m a weak fool.” Aviana sighed. “I had a good life before that rat. I had a stand in the marketplace, selling food. I love cooking. I love my parents, and when Adrian made me fall for him, they told me not to fall for his act. I was stupid and thought they were stupid. I’m sure they think I’m a fool now. I can never face them again.” Aviana was on the brink of tears. Kaila was in shock, not knowing that Aviana could pour out her feelings like that.
“Well thanks, that was a good story…” Kaila was never good with people crying, she was either too scared to comfort them, or she was just in shock.
Adrian walked in. “Oh, Aviana, darling, could you make more food? I have guests tonight.”
Aviana, still crying, slammed her spoon in the soup she was making, which caused it to splatter on Adrian’s clothes. “I’M DONE COOKING FOR A SCUMBAG LIKE YOU!” And she walked out, going downstairs.
Adrian was confused, and looked at Kaila. “Umm…”
Kaila decided she might as well get her plan going. “Oh, you poor thing.” She soothed. She reached down to the hem of her sleeve and began wiping away the splatter, which of course just made it worse, but Adrian was in shock by her submissive attitude, and didn’t notice.
“Yes, d-darling?” She stuttered, having a hard time uttering those words directed towards him.
“Are you feeling well?” He chuckled.
“Yes!” No.
“Do you know how to cook?” He asked.
“I’m not very good at it…”
“Well, could you ask Eliana to come and cook? Aviana is far better than Eliana, but Eliana… and I suppose you, are the only ones who would take orders from me like that.”
Kaila shuddered. “Umm, why does Aviana cook for you?”
“Because she wants to cook. It’s her passion.”
“Oh… I’ll call for Eliana.”
“What’s your story, Donnelly?” Kaila asked, as she hadn’t seen Donnelly a lot, so she figured she would ask her now.
“My storrrry?” She asked, Gaelic accent thick.
“Well, how did you get here?”
“I was fightin’ the Rrrrowmans, and we werrrrre defeated. I was made into a slave.” Donnelly answered, obviously getting more angry by the minute.
“Oh. So you never liked Adrian in the first place, you never fell for his ‘charm’?”
“That little Rrrrrrowmen has about as much charm as a dead rrrrat.”
I’ve been hearing the word rat to describe Adrian a lot.
She continued. “He thinks that I would want to be with an ugly oaf like him. I dooon’t. The last time he triiieed to put his arrrrm around me, he ended up with a brrrrroken jaw.”
Kaila blinked, but then began laughing. “I would’ve loved to see his face!”
~ ~ ~
“WOW, you’re belly is bigger than ever!” Josiah exclaimed.
“Should I take that as a compliment or-” Octavia began.
“It’s a good thing!” Sethe giggled. She had felt very happy ever since Octavia’s announcement. One thing that bothered her though, was that everyone was being so nice to her, considering that she had killed one of their crewman. They said it wasn’t her fault, but deep down they all knew it was her fault. Bardo knew it more than anyone, yet he never brought it up and was cheerful around Sethe. While she appreciated their kindness, it made her feel very guilty.
“Sethe, are you feeling alright?” Bardo asked, seeing Sethe look off in the distance.
“I don’t feel sick…” She responded.
“You don’t look well.”
“I’m not.”

They stood in silence for a while, and then Bardo left to help set up a shelter for their time on the island. Sethe sighed. She began running towards Bardo and everyone to help them set up a shelter. If they weren’t going to be mad at her, there was no point of thinking about it. She still felt guilty and mad at herself, but she tried to stop thinking about it.
This chapter is like the calm of the sea before the STORM. I’m just kidding, there isn’t going to be any serious plot twists… I don’t think 😉
Anyways, I have a lot going on. I’m starting highschool! If I don’t post as much anymore, you know why. However, I will try to post as much as possible. Hopefully the final chapter of Failure will be getting out today as well.

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Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 8

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