Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 4

“The ocean makes me so sick feeling…” Octavia groaned, as the boat groaned its own complaints.
“You’ve been feeling like this for a while though!” Sethe said, holding on to the ‘bed’, or rather slab of wood that stuck out of the boat.
“That’s true, are you alright, Octavia?” Josiah said, worriedly.
“I’m not sure…” Octavia moaned. “Is it ok if I talk to Sethe… alone, for a few minutes?”
Josiah and Sethe exchanged worried glances before Josiah nodded and climbed up to go above deck.
“Sethe… I wanted to speak to you alone because I think I know what’s wrong with me… well, I… I think I’m-”
“Octavia, Sethe, there’s a bad storm!” Bardo shouted.
~ ~ ~
The guards threw Kaila down in a large, dark, and cold room. She could see other people in there, but she couldn’t quite make out their features, and she couldn’t hear them speak, until somebody spoke.
“Did that blasted Rrrowman capture another little gurrl?” Somebody with a thick accent said.
“I told you he’d gotten another slave.” A familiar voice said.
“Honey, are you alright?” A comforting voice said. She lit a candle, and now her features became visible. She had shoulder length brown hair with a braid down the middle. Her eyes were a pretty light brown and she had a slight smile.
“Of course she’s not alright! She just got kidnapped by a man she thought loved her!” That familiar voice said.
“Why don’t we introduce ourselves?” Someone else said. “I’m Callidora.” Kaila saw Callidora, but she seemed less like a slave and more like a queen. She had curled blonde hair and many accessories all over her outfit. Her eyes were a beautiful light blue.
“I’m Aviana, we’ve met before.” Aviana said. She had brown hair in a bun and light blue eyes that looked tired.
“I’m Donnelly,” Donnelly said. “And make noo mistake, I’m no Rrrowman. I’m Gaelic,” She declared proudly.
“You’re pretty cocky about being Gaelic, but who beat you in the battle that made you come here in the first place?” Aviana said with an eyebrow raised.
“Doon’t you brring that up!” Donnelley grabbed Aviana’s dress and pulled her close to her face.
“Ok, calm down, I know your pride was hurt, but that’s the truth.”
“I haven’t introduced myself,” Someone said. “My name is Izara! It’s so nice to meet you, though maybe not under these conditions,” she laughed. Izara looked just as comforting as she sounded. Kaila could tell she was going to like Izara. Her skin was a smooth chocolate brown, and her textured hair was controlled in a braid.
“She’s always sunshine and rainbows, so watch out for her,” Aviana warned.
“I could use a little cheering up. My name is Kaila.” Kaila said, sadly. “How did you all get trapped by Adrian?”
“Oh, I’ll go first!” Izara said. “I was always a slave, and Adrian bought me. I don’t really mind Adrian.”
Aviana rolled her eyes. “Why do you sound so cheerful about being a slave?”
“Will you stop taalking?” Donnelly complained. Aviana frowned at her, and Donnelly frowned back.
“Ugh, you two, why do you always fight?” Callidora said. “Anyways, I was tricked into being one of Adrian’s slaves… well actually I wasn’t really tricked, he bribed me. I like being bribed. Anyways, as long as I receive at least one gorgeous gown or piece of jewelry per month, I’m happy.”
Aviana rolled her eyes. “Wow, is it worth it to be a slave?”
“Yes, absolutely.” Callidora said.
“Please somebody else talk before I throw a fit,” Aviana pleaded.
“I’m Eliana.” The girl who had lit the candle said. “I don’t think Adrian is all that bad.”
“Yeah no… he just kidnapped 4 girls… not bad at all…” Aviana muttered.
“Well look at Lucida!” Eliana said desperately.
“Isn’t Lucida one of Adrian’s slaves and his ‘girlfriend’?” Kaila questioned.
“Ew!” Everyone said collectively.
“Did I say something wrong?” Kaila asked, confused.
“Was someone talking about me?” Lucida said.
“Lucida!” Eliana said, and ran over to hug her. “Why haven’t you been down here to visit us?”
“I’m sorry, I’ve been studying some Greek mythology. It’s so intriguing how similar Zeus and Jupiter are!” Lucida said, eyes widening by the minute.
“Ok, that’s great, but guess what? Adrian struck again.”
“Did I forget to mention that BOTH Zeus and Jupiter use lightening bolts? Its absurd how related the two stories are!”
“The facts are that Zeus and Ju-”
“Aviana, calm dewn. Letttt her beee.” Donnelly said, trying to calm Aviana down, or dewn, as Donnelly would say.
“You are always taking Adrian’s side!” Aviana said, clearly getting emotional.
“Aviana, there is no reason for this emotional outburst, all I was doing was talking about the mythology I’ve been learning!”
“Aviana, shut up!” Eliana said, shocking everyone. “I”m tired of you pressing Lucida to always take your side!”
“My side?” Aviana said, face getting redder by the minute. “The side that says ‘kidnapping slaves isn’t right’ isn’t really important?”
“ADRIAN TREATS US JUST FINE!” Eliana yelled back at Aviana.
“Technically, any important Roman official can take slaves from anywhere.” Lucida said.
“Christians don’t believe that!” Kaila said without thinking.
“You’re a Christian?” Izara said, eyes widened.
Kaila just blinked, thinking to herself that she was really ‘smart’ for saying that.
“No! Well, yes… I mean…” Kaila sighed. “I once was.”
The entire room seemed to still. Until Lucida jumped in. “What happened? I have always been curious about Christians,” She said as if Christians were an endangered species… which after Nero’s reign, might have been true.
“I was a Christian… my family too, but then we were captured at a meeting. My best friend, Rebecca, was captured as well.” Kaila, wiped the tear that was threatening to overflow from her eye. “She wouldn’t offer the incense to the Jupiter, but I did…” Kaila trailed, off, tears rapidly coming down. Eliana and Lucida walked over to Kaila and rubbed her back. “She died.”
Everyone looked down on their feet. “Wow, I have always wondered what happened to Christians when they were found out…” Lucida said, trying to break the awkward silence.
“I knouw whot you mean, my husband was killed by those Rrrrowmans.” Donnelly said, looking at the floor still.
Aviana bit her lip, trying to find the right words. “I didn’t have any of my loved ones killed, but I left a life that I loved when Adrian tricked me.” She trailed off. Lucida stared at the floor, trying to make sense of it all. “I better be going…” She said, sadly.
“Lucida,” Aviana said. “I’m sorry. I know it’s hard on you… with all of this.”

Lucida pursed her lips together and looked down at the floor before going upstairs.
Yay! I posted two stories in one day! I feel so accomplished!
So when I read the chapter after I wrote it, to proofread and to check and see if it makes sense, I realize that this chapter might not make that much sense. There was a lot of anger and yelling that might not be easy to understand why they are yelling, but soon I think you guys will see it. Anyways, here’s the few questions since I like to see what you guys think. Why do you think Aviana is so mad? In what way do you think Lucida is connected to Adrian? And finally, what’s wrong with Octavia?
Thanks for reading!

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Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 4

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