Miracle Snow snowed today

So, I live in southern Idaho, in an area that got more snow this year than we have had for about 20 years! That was great… until it got ungreat. We call it the Snowpocalypse of 2016-17 and it got really boring. Three feet of snow every day, all day, for months, most of the time too icy, slushy, or fluffy for packing… you can probably understand why, when we saw the blooms FINALLY coming out, and winter was apparently over, we got MAJORLY excited! You can probably also understand why we got angry when we saw snow coming down in huge, fluffy flakes today, April 14. The flowers were starting to come out! It’s not fair! That’s what we thought as we stared out the window at school. Without much thought, I stood up and yelled, “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?” I found out the answer to that thoughtless question just a few minutes ago. 
The snow was a miracle for a little girl’s family. That little girl, dying of cancer, will probably not survive until Christmas. The family decided a while ago that they would celebrate Christmas on April 14. Today. So that the little girl will get to celebrate Christmas. Well, that family must have been overjoyed to find that it snowed today. Snow wasn’t even in the forecast! More than that, the family was listening to our local SDA radio station when the DJ looked out the window and saw the snow. Feeling joyful, he decided to put a Christmas song on the air. That family probably had a perfect 8-month-early Christmas!
The story touched many people who heard it. It brought tears to a few people’s eyes. My dad even wrote an “I’m Sorry” letter to God for all the grumpy pictures he posted this morning about the snow! I believe this is a real miracle. You can’t say it was a coincidence, because the snow was thick and perfect for packing. If it was a coincidence the snow would probably be a thin, slushy sheet mixed with rain.
This event serves as a reminder to Guidesters, Facebookers, and pretty much everyone who heard the story that God is in control. He can do anything. Just trust Him. He will take care of you. Remember, God is in control! I may start a discussion in the forums about this.
See ya around, Guidesters!

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Miracle Snow snowed today

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