Miners’ Ghosts and You

Adrienne shared “The Lost Treasure of Dinosaur Mountain” with her school friend Nori. “I liked the story,” Nori said, “except the part about what happens when we die.”

“Really?” Adrienne responded, curious. “Why?”

“Well, our church teaches that we go to heaven when we die. And our pastor knows his Bible,” Nori said confidently.

Surprised, Adrienne stammered, “Uh, maybe we can look some things up together in the Bible sometime.” But she wasn’t exactly sure where to look.

Help Adrienne out by completing each two-sentence rhyme below. Fill in each blank space with the correct rhyming word (Bible book). Look up the corresponding chapter and verse to discover some helpful passages about life after death.

A tree by the sea is a palm,
A song in God’s Word is a _________ (6:5; 13:3).

Behind me runs my cocker spaniel,
Hosea comes right after __________ (12:2, 3).

My pal’s name is Ronald, or “Ron,”
A good friend of Jesus was _________ (6:40; 11:11).

For more, see Ecclesiastes 9:5; Isaiah 26:14, 19; 1 Corinthians 15:23.

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Miners’ Ghosts and You

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