Macy Johnson 3

     “Okay, here it is,” Paula told Macy. “Home sweet home.” Macy looked around. It was an average townhouse. About 4 floors, and it had a garage. “It’s just me, Louisa, and Chi-Chi, but my boyfriend may come over tomorrow.” Paula told Macy as they walked in. 
     They walked up the stairs and Macy saw 4 doors. Paula walked to one of them and pointed it out. “This is Louisa’s room, she’s my niece, about your age. You’re 13 right?” Macy nodded. “Well, she’s 11.”
     “Will I be rooming with her?” Macy asked.
     “No, you’ll only be sharing a bathroom. Louisa! Come out here and meet our guest!” Paula called as she knocked on the door.
   A grumpy head popped out the door. “What? I was watching Zombie Takeout 3!” She then noticed Macy. ” Who’s she?
And why is she is in footy pajamas?”
     Macy started to blush, thankfully Paula spoke for her. “This is Macy, she’s gonna be staying with us for a while.”
     “Well, if you’re gonna be staying here, just know these three things: Don’t touch my stuff, don’t bother me before 10am on a weekend, and don’t go in my room without my permission. Remember these things and you might survive your stay.” Louisa flashed her a fake smile and slammed the door.
     “Sorry about Louisa,” Paula said. “She lives here, her parents are missionaries. Don’t worry though, she’s usually very nice.”
     ‘Nice?’ Macy thought. “Louisa is a pig-tailed, Diva-tomboy. The only thing nice about her is her pigtails.’
     After Paula showed Macy to her room, Macy started to unpack her things. It was obvious she’d be there for a while. While she was putting her things in the closets and draws a few minutes later she heard a voice behind her.
     “You need any help?” Louisa asked from the doorway. “I brought some leftover popcorn.” 
     “I need all the help I could get. Why were you so mean earlier?” Macy responded, surprised by Louisa’s sudden kindness.
     “Oh, that. I was upset my team was losing.” Louisa said as she started to unpack a suitcase.
     “I thought you were watching some zombie takeout movie.” Macy said.
     “Nah, I just said that to look tough,” she giggled. “The truth is, I can’t even watch the Haunted Mansion without getting chills.” She said, pretend shuttering. “I’m more of a basketball and football person. I love seeing the cheerleader’s outfits, and the players aren’t bad either.” They both started laughing.
     “Why did you act all divaish?” Macy asked after she could stop laughing.
     “I just wanted to see how you’d react. My bro told me that all white people thought all blacks were ghetto killers. I guess it was kinda wrong to sterio type you like that.” Louisa said sheepishly.
     Macy noticed that Louisa’s skin color, she was black. “That’s okay, my dad’s racist, too. He’s a lot of things…”
     “Like a drunko? My bro was once like that. Now he’s in some kind of counseling.”
     ‘Lucky you.’ Macy thought.
     “Goodnight, Mace. You don’t mind if I call you that, right?” Louisa asked on her  way out.
     “Sure,” Macy yawned. “But only if I can call you Lulu.”
     “Sure, any last minute questions?” Louisa asked.
     Macy searched through her thoughts. “Who’s Chi-Chi?”
     Louisa rolled her eyes playfully, “Thats Aunt p’s devil cat. He sleeps in the garage. Goodnight, may God bless your dreams.” Louisa said before walking out and shutting the door.
     Hearing about God made Macy a little sad. Hoping he’ll still listen in her doubts. “Dear Lord, please take care of of mom and dad, wherever they are. Please heal and unite our family soon. Amen.”
     Macy went into her bed and fell asleep.

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Macy Johnson 3

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