Macy Johnson 1

    “Ahhhhhh!!!!” Macy screamed when she saw her parents, their fighting had gotten much worse than usual. 
    “Give me the keys! I need to go to the bar!” Her father screamed.
    “Well, I need to go to church with Macy! You know the place you refuse to go to!” Her mom yelled back.
    “I refuse to go into that building because its fake! Your teaching my daughter a bunch of mumbo jumbo! Now, give. Me. The. KEYS!”
    Macy was starting to get worried, should she do something? Her mom looked as if she were going to do something, but then she saw something she has never seen before, her father slapping her mother, then running out the house with the keys. “Mom!” screamed Macy as her mother’s body fell on the floor, lifeless. 
    Macy grabbed her cell in terror, dialing 911. “Hello, please state your emergency, address, and house phone number calmly and clearly into the receiver.” The 911 lady said. “My dad slapped my mom, she isn’t moving… he just ran out the house… and I don’t what to do… just please send help to 2013 Guide St. Magazine, Jchrist. 1-234-567-890.” 
A few minutes later she herd a siren blaring outside.
And about an hour later, she also saw her father… drunk and blazing mad.

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Macy Johnson 1

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