Love in the Shadows Part 9

“He’s, he’s, he’s beautiful” Susan cried.

A smile arose and her eyes flashed. She leaned her head against Captain’s soft warm face.

“Your gonna learn how to ride him, Susan” Mrs Tilder told her.

“You are so not!” Susan argued.

“Yes Susan! Your going to learn how to ride him. NOW! He likes you already” Mrs Tilder protested.

“Nu-uh!” Susan exclaimed but Mrs Tilder was already dragging her and Captain into the barn.

“Now then. Let’s introduce you to horse riding” Mrs Tilder informed. “This is the saddle. This is the part you sit on when you horse ride. Now this is the saddle blanket. You put it under the saddle. And here is the girth and stirrups. You put your feet in the stirrups and the girth is wrapped comfortably around the horse’s belly.”

Susan huffed.

“Is this all I get to do at this place? Horse ride?”

“You do know you are going to school” Mrs Tilder said.

“Oh no I’m not!” Susan yelled.

“Oh yes you are! You barely know how to spell ‘rubber’ ”

Susan growled. She stopped listening to Mrs Tilder and started to day dream of living by herself and stealing with out being caught.

“Now all you need to do is step on the ladder and climb onto the horse’s back” Mrs Tilder explained.

Mrs Tilder pulled Susan onto the ladder and motioned for her to hop on.

“Wait! I think I need to go to the bathroom!” Susan cried.

Too late. Mrs Tilder had already pushed Susan up onto Captain. Susan let out an ear piercing scream.

“Oh come on Susan. You used to steal from alcohol stores at night. Surely you can’t be afraid of a little horsie!” Mrs Tilder teased.

Susan held onto the reins tightly until her knuckles went snow white.

“Now sit up and click your tongue.”

Susan hesitated but then slowly sat up and clicked her tongue. Captain started to walk.

“Wooooow! Good boy Captain” Susan complimented.

She smiled and steered Captain around with the reins.

“Your natural, Susan!” Mrs Tilder said. “Welcome to Kingfisher Stables!”

Susan giggled and giggled until she need to hop off. She led Captain back into the paddock.

“I think Captain was a gift from God to you” Mrs Tilder said.

‘Maybe he is… Maybe there is a God out there who loves me a lot. Maybe he is showing his love through Captain’  Susan thought.

“It’s getting dark. Let’s go inside.”

Susan jogged over to the house and opened the creaky door.

“Creak! Polly want a cracker? Creak. You’re a pretty itty birdie you are. YES!” screeched a croaky voice.

“Don’t tell me you have a younger son, Mrs Tilder! Anything but a boy” Susan shrieked.

Mrs Tilder chuckled.

“Please excuse Oscar” she chuckled.

“Oh it is a boy!” Susan cried.

Mrs Tilder laughed.

“Oscar! Come here! I want to introduce you to Susan”

“Oscar’s coming! Oscar coming!” the voice screeched.

A blue and yellow macaw flew into the room.

“Oscar’s here! Oscar’s here!” Oscar shrieked.

“Noisy creature!” Susan hissed and rushed up the stairs.

Susan buried herself under the fluffy white blanket and fell asleep.

Knock! Knock!

Susan peeled her eyes open and looked at her watch. 5:00!

“Get out of bed! There’s chores to be done before we go shopping” Mrs Tilder shouted as Oscar groomed her hair.

“No way! 5:00?! Chores?!” Susan croaked.

“Chores or no upgrading room!” Mrs Tilder continued.

Susan scowled and slid out of bed.

“Mucking the stables, cleaning the dishes and feeding the horses. Go!” Mrs Tilder ordered.

Susan stumbled to the stables.

She got out the rake and mucked out the stables. And it STUNK! She fed the horses and said hello to Captain. The she rushed back up to the ranch and wildly scrubbed at the bowls stained with soup. Finally she flopped herself against the wall and panted crazily.

“Record time! Let’s go shopping. By the way, we’ll be able to probably fit some clothes in too” Mrs Tilder informed as they walked over to the ute and drove up the massive dirt road towards town.

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Love in the Shadows Part 9

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