Love in the Shadows Part 7

The big muscly security guard opened the door of the car. Susan and Karri stepped out, ready to face the torture of a life time. They were led into the building and were sat in a room for a few minutes. Susan was grumpy but Karri looked nervous.

“Girls! Come with me.” said a loud voice.

The girls stood up and followed the man through a doorway and into the main room. The girls were sat down on opposite sides of the room. The judge, Judge Daniel, stared at them with a stare as cold as ice.

“Many girls have been brought into this room but none of them have done the crimes of you two. Your behaviours are despicable and are ugly in my sight. Stealing from several shopping centres is not what you expect two young ladies to do” he roused.

Susan slumped down low in her chair. She thought judges were really annoying but going to a foster home? Despicable!!!

“I believe you two don’t have parents and you lived in a junkyard on the outskirts of Sydney. Well in the years you have had your parents they haven’t taught you any manners.” Judge Daniel continued. “Look here.”

Judge Daniel held up a list.

“Lets see. Drug dealing, alcohol, shop lifting; in other word stealing, vandalism. And guess what! Half of these things you protest you didn’t do! Come on girls. Do you think I’m stupid or something?”

“Well now that you ask…” Susan joked.

“Don’t get smart with me young lady!” Judge Daniel yelled.

Susan grunted.

“Well go on with your lil’ speech!” Susan answered.

Judge Daniel spoke on and on and on until the girls thought they could just about fall asleep. Finally the Judge got to the most interesting but worst bit. Foster homes.

“As I have seen you two girls work together to do your crimes and you influence each other. In that I will send you to completely different foster homes.”

The girls looked at each other and gasped.

“You Karri will go to this young woman, Ms Tomsan. Susan, you will be going with this beautiful woman, Mrs Tilder.” Judge Daniel proclaimed.

Mrs Tilder glanced at Susan and gave her a warm smile. Susan scowled.

‘My life is truly ruined!’   thought Susan.

“You girls may leave he room with your new foster parents. Go!” Judge Daniel ordered.

Karri stood up and walked to her new parent and they disappeared out the door.

Susan stumbled around the chair and made her way to Mrs Tilder.

“Hello!” she said. “I’m Mrs Tilder. Lets go home”

Mrs Tilder and Susan walked to a car and hopped inside. The rumbling car took off down the road. Susan sat in silence. Finally Mrs Tilder broke the silence.

“Do you know Jesus?” she asked.

“Jesus?! What has he ever done for me?! If he loved me then things wouldn’t happen to me! I don’t want to know him!” Susan cried as hot salty tears stained her cheeks.

“Oh dearest Susan!” Mrs Tilder exclaimed and looked at her with sorrowful eyes.

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Love in the Shadows Part 7

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