Love in the Shadows Part 3

Rustle! Rustle!

The irritating noises woke both the girls up.

Rustle! Rustle!

“Someone’s coming!” Susan hissed.

“Hide inside the mound, Suse” Karri whispered. “You want to be busted or what?”

Both of the girls buried themselves in the mass of wood. They peeked through any crack they could find to spy on the happenings outside. Suddenly a blur of black rushed around the corner and toppled onto the mound.

“They’ve found us!” Karri cried.

“BE QUIET! Hold on. That isn’t a human” Susan said. “It’s a dog!”

Susan stepped outside the mound. A big Rottweiler stumbled on top of her and started to lick her face. Susan giggled.

“Wow! That’s like the first time I’ve heard you laugh!” Karri explained.

 Susan straightened her face.

“I’ll call you Marcus. How do you like that?” Susan squeaked at the Rottweiler.

Marcus tucked himself under Susan’s arms and fell asleep.

“Isn’t he cute?” Karri questioned.

“He’s not cute! He’s awesome and he’s mine!” Susan roused.

“Ok then. He’s yours. You have to steal his food though.” Karri replied.

“Well then. That’s an extra trip to the grocery store” Susan answered.


The girls played with Marcus all day until nightfall.

“It’s time to take a trip to the food store” Susan said.

“Awesome! We can take Marcus.” Karri exclaimed.

The girls and the dog walked silently to the shop. They snuck around corners and avoided the crowds. Finally they made it to the familiar shop. The shop was still open.

“What are we gonna do?” Karri asked.

“Hide in there until the shop closes” Susan replied.

“Nice idea”

Susan and Karri snuck their way into the shop and hid in a backroom. Soon the lights went out and the girls continued to grab products and money and shove it in their handbags. Karri stuffed all these noodle packets and fruit into her bag and Susan grabbed some dog food and all the money in the registers. Then they motionlessly left the building and made their way home.

“This stuff could last us a lifetime!” Karri said as she eyed the money in Susan’s bag.

Susan scooped the dog food into a bowl and moved it to where Marcus slept. Marcus opened his eyes, sniffed the air and quickly gobbled down his mince.

“I don’t like animals. They’re annoying!” Susan said to Marcus. “But you! No animal could replace you”

The girls smiled at each other and went to bed. 

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Love in the Shadows Part 3

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