Love in the Shadows Part 2

“Susan! Over here!” Karri whispered.

Karri fiddled with her long braids as Susan snuck around the corner of the gaming store.

“Why are we here?” Susan asked. “To get Mama Cooking?”

Karri ignored her.

“We’ve got to find a way inside so we can get our hands on that cash register” Karri explained.

Susan eyed the cash register and then started to think of a way to get in.

“I know!” Karri cried.

“Shush!” Susan said.

“We can make a hole in the wall. It’s made of thin wood. Easy peasy.”

Karri laughed wickedly as she viciously gnawed big chunks out of the wall.

“Be careful with that!” Susan warned.

“I’m not a little girl anymore, Susan! For goodness sake, I’m thirteen years old!” Karri muttered.

“Yeah! You’re thirteen years old! First year of stupidity!” Susan replied.

Karri ignored her remark and kept on hacking at the wall until a big enough hole was formed.

“Aren’t people gonna get suspicious?” Susan questioned. “You do know that people will start to get ideas when they see a big hole in the side of their shop”

“Don’t worry. No one ever wanders over to the back of the store anyway.” Karri informed.

“I wouldn’t be so sure”

“Who cares? No one would know it was two sweet lovely looking teenagers that have no parents.” Karri reasoned.

Susan and Karri forgot about their argument the minute they stepped inside the gaming store. The room smelt like cleaning supplies and games were neatly stacked on the shelves.

“To the cash register!” Karri cried.

“You go ahead. I’m just looking for something…” Susan answered.

“Ok” Karri replied as she walked to the cash register.

Karri ripped the register open to find thousands of dollars piled up in stacks. Karri brushed her hand over the money and then quickly stuffed it into her bag.

Mee-Maw! Mee-Maw!

The alarm struck the girl’s delicate ears. Karri cupped her hands over her ears.

“Susan? Where are you?” Karri shouted over the sounding alarm.

No one answered. Karri swiftly swayed her head through every aisle until she found Susan.

“Susan! We need to go!” Karri yelled.

Susan eyed the shelves in front of her as if she was trying to find something.

“Just wait!” Susan cried.

“We can’t just wait! We need to go!” Karri hissed.

Karri ran over to Susan and grabbed her arm just in time for Susan to grab Mama Cooking off the shelf. Both girls skidded through the tiny holes and sprinted towards the junk yard. 

“I guess you’ll say that’s the last time we do that” Karri murmured. 

 Susan kept her eyes glued to her DS and looked as if she was enjoying Mama Cooking.

“Yep” Susan said as she peeled her eyes off the screen. “Defiantly the last time she do that” 

“Ok. So the alarm went off. Big deal! No one caught us!” Karri cried.

Susan sighed.

“I guess it wasn’t that bad. How many big bucks?” Susan replied.

“Oh. You’d be surprised.” Karri answered. 

Karri lifted her bag into the hair and grinned. She tipped it upside down and millions of dollars tumbled out onto the dusty ground. 

“Millions of big bucks, Susan. Millions! Hey, what did you steal? A paper plane?”  

“Hey, I’m meaner than you think!” Susan argued. “in fact I stole from the charity box!”

“Oooo!” Karri muttered. “Big old cuddly Susan now turns into a monster!”

Susan held her fist out into a threatening punch position. 

“Whoa girl! It was just a joke. You’re getting meaner and meaner every day!” Karri cried. 

“Yeah well you’re getting stupider!” Susan hissed at her lifetime friend. 

Karri’s face went pale.

“I think I’ll go to bed.” Karri whispered.

“Then go!” Susan yelled.

Karri cowered into a corner and stumbled onto her couch.

“I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow night. It’s about time we got some proper food. You coming?” Susan grunted.

“Yes” Karri said. “Stealing’s awesome. We get hold of a lot of money.”

“Yeah” Susan agreed. “I’m with ya”

Susan shifted in her seat and then chucked Karri a bottle of alcohol.

“Look at what I found at the shop next to the gaming store.” Susan said through gritted teeth.

“Cool!” Karri commented. “Hey, why are you so grumpy all the time?”

“Because my parents don’t love me. They disappeared because they didn’t want me. At least that’s what I think. They always talked to me about this God who loved me with unconditional love but if he loved me why do bad things happen to me? I just think it’s a bunch of baloney.” Susan stated.

“Oh” Karri muttered.

 Soon they both fell asleep.

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Love in the Shadows Part 2

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