Love in the Shadows Part 1

“Psst! Susan! Wake up!”

Karri shook Susan and stood back so Susan could sit up.

14 year old Susan and 13 year old Karri both lived in a junk yard in Sydney, Australia. Susan’s parents had disappeared and Karri’s parents had died. Both of them had run away from their foster homes and were now living under a mound of old furniture and other scruffy bits and pieces. Susan and Karri had shifted two big couches out of the mound and made them as beds. The softness of the fabric made them go to sleep really fast but Susan was disturbed by the roughness of her friend, Karri.

“Come on girlfriend! Get up!” Karri was speaking in a louder tone now.

“Ok, ok” Susan replied.

She sat up and eyed Karri’s dark brown hair.

“What’s up?” Susan questioned.

“Well I just had this really good idea” Karri started.

Susan moaned.

“I’d pay you to keep your ideas to yourself! Go back to sleep!” Susan scolded.

“No. Wait. I was just thinking maybe we could, you know how stores are closed, we could like maybe, you know, steal?” Karri continued.

“Steal?!” Susan cried. “Didn’t you parents ever teach you what can happen when you do that?”

“I know, I know. You’ll go to court and have to deal with that silly jury and then we have to go, well, to a foster home, and even worse, detention centre. But we’ll be careful. We won’t get caught.” Karri reasoned.

“Ok. Fine! We’ll go just for tonight.” Susan said.

Both the girls stood up and dashed to the nearest store, ready for some fun and action.

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Love in the Shadows Part 1

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