Love in the Shadows Final Part

Susan slipped on her boots and made her way to the ute. Mrs Tilder was waiting there.

“Ready for the show, Susie?” Mrs Tilder asked.

“Yeah, whatever. Ready as I should be” Susan answered.

Mrs Tilder revved up the car and drove into the mid – country. In the distance, Susan could see the fair grounds and the horses. When the car stopped, Susan jumped out and smiled to herself.

“You go somewhere and explore. Meet us at the café in an hour” Mrs Tilder called and led Cherry Cola, her horse, out of the trailer.

Susan jumped for joy and ran towards the food section. She lined up at the chip station near a bunch of apple trees.

“Hey Susie…” a familiar voice whispered.

Susan froze. She swung around and eyed Karri’s dark tanned skin. Karri held a box of cigarettes in one hand and two bottles of alcohol in the other. She leaned against the tree.

“Well…um, how did you get here. How is your foster family?” Susan asked.

“Ran away, Susan” Karri muttered as she chucked the bottle in the air.

Susan kicked at the dust under her small thin feet.

“Wanna drink?” Karri asked.

Susan shook her head.

“Come on Sissy! I’m here to take you to this cool wrecked house where all these homeless kids hang out! They’re cool”

Susan pushed away the nervous feeling her chest was giving her. Karri threw the bottle over to Susan. Susan popped the top open and after looking at it for a few seconds, gulped it down.

“Now, let’s go” Karri said as she started to walk through the trees.

“I ca…”

That’s all Susan could get out after she heard the yell.


Every single muscle in Susan tightened and a sweat broke out on her forehead.

“Gotta fly” Karri shouted as she sprinted away.

“Susan! You are in big trouble! I thought you had excepted God!” Mrs Tilder roused.

She ripped the bottle out of Susan’s hand and threw it to the ground where it smashed into thousands of pieces. Susan started at the dusty ground.

“We’re going home!”

Mrs Tilder grabbed Susan’s arm and dragged her back to the white ute. Susan gulped as she sat down in the run down car.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Susan”

When the girls got home, Mrs Tilder put her hand on  Susan’s shoulder.

“I love you Susan!” she said.

Susan started to cry. Her life had been so hard and it was hard to begin a new one. Susan looked at Mrs Tilder.

“I’m sorry, mum” she said and gave her a warm hug.

“Susan, you may not be into this religious stuff but please go talk to God”

Susan walked down to the barn.

“God” she prayed. “I’m sorry. It’s just that every thing is so confusing for me. Please help Karri. I know you love her”

Susan wrapped her arms around Champ and felt the love of God pouring into her heart.

“I love you Lord!” she cried out as she fell to her knees and sang Amazing Grace.

  THE END!!!!

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Love in the Shadows Final Part

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