lol i stink at poetry

“It’ll be okay.” Calls my

Nana. Of course she  doesn’t

Understand. I walk up to the

Horse, the smell of feed filling my

Nose. Tentatively. I reach out as

Instructed. The look of friendliness in

His chocolate eyes calm me,

I try to close my eyes and

Imagine that the the

The bay coloured mane i stroke and

The breath i feel belongs

To something much smaller.

“You can get on now’ Calls Nana,

Ruining my calm.

Slowly, while whispering softly

To him, I climb on his back,

Just like i was taught. He winnies,

Up close, it makes my ears scream.

Gently, ever so gently, I tap the horse

With my mud-caked

Boot, while clicking my

Tongue. Clip…Clop….Clip….Clop.

This i know. I have done this

Before. I tap again, harder this time.

Still clicking. Clip Clop Clip Clop.

Trotting now, I still am fine.

I feel safe. But now,

I tap his ear with my reins,

Clicking loudly over the sound

Of his hooves. Wind whipping back my hair,

I shout with joy. I was cantering!

But then, NO! My feet slip out of the

Stirrups, and I am only half on!
“Woah boy!” I call to Buddy.

He slows, then stops.

Winded he is happy to have a break.

All i do is hang my jaw open.

“Lets go again!” I say.

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lol i stink at poetry

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