Life Swap

Chapter Three: Caught Pink Handed?
I knew it wouldn’t be that bad to come out of hiding. I’m completely fineAngeline thought as she walked away from the markets. The sun was just beginning to hide under the mountains. 
Half an hour later she reached the old shack, or old cabin, which was in good living shape, surrounded by trees, for it was in the woods. She had discovered it while running from the palace. 
“Go sun, I give you permission to hide from darkness. No one liked the dark.” With that said, she walked around the cabin. A twig cracked and with force, Angeline spun around on her heels. Misplacing her foot she landed in a pile of horse manure.
“Oh! Hy dress is ruined!” She cried. 
“Is that so? Look what we got hear, John. It looks like a small girl.” A man, who had been following her spoke to his friend, John. They both wore sailors clothing.
“Are you here alone, my fair maiden?” John, the sailor with brown hair asked. They were all at the side of the house, Angeline still on the floor.
“No, she’s here with me.” A girl with long, dark, brown hair and brown eyes emerged from behind the house wearing a long burgundy clock. Angeline gasped and gathered her dress into her hands. She tried to run, but the other girl stopped her. 
“Hey, Sir, wouldn’t these girl make us money at the slave market… in Indonesia!” Laughed the red-headed one to a man who had just walked over to observe. He was talk, dark hair and good looks, muscular, definitely confident, and a bit arrogant in the way he walked.
“Boys, these two ladies need not be bothered.” He said smoothly as he too came to the side of the cabin. 
“But this is our cabin, Boss. We lived here first.” John pouted. “Boss” looked at the men menacingly. Angeline was starting to wonder why she had left the palace in the first place. 
“You ladies are welcome to stay as long as you need.” “Boss” glanced at the girl in the burgundy cloak and motioned for her to come over.
“Listen, go inside the cabin. My name is Alix, and I’m going to help you out tonight. Stay calm and gather your important belongings.” Alix told Angeline. Quickly  she complied. 
What have I gotten myself into? she wondered. Before entering the cabin, she looked down at the dress she had in her hands. Pink. Her favorite color. 
“Pink… how’s the saying go? Caught red handed? Hmm. Caught pink handed. I think I’ve got myself in to a real mess.” She said to herself. Alix, who had just entered, scoffed. “I’ll say.” 

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Life Swap

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