Life Just Started



“Holly, let’s go.” “NOW!” I sadly walked past the girl I had just insulted. I turned my head and mouthed sorry, but she didn’t see. She was already running and crying to the bathroom. Is this what I have to do to be popular I thought. Just as I was about to question Ashley(the head of this little group), I felt myself being grabbed by a hand. The principal. ” Good Morning Principal Smith”. I said. ” Good Morning Holly”. “I’ve been informed that yesterday you skipped classroom duties to go….” “Shopping” I said not so pleasantly.

“Then, I guess you and your little clique will have to join me for detention”. She walked away. “Umm you know we’re not going”. Ashley said. “I am not letting this get on my record”.” Don’t you already have worse stuff on your record”. I remarked. ” Don’t start, not today Holly.” ” There are lots of other people waiting in line for your spot”. “What the third wheel”. I said. But she didn’t hear me that time. She was too busy checking her makeup and flipping her hair. I wish I could back out, but I can’t. It’s worth it, because in the end the fame and money is mine.

I noticed that in fourth period Arianna( the girl I insulted) wasn’t in class. I asked for a bathroom pass, skipped outside and headed for the bathroom. I opened a stall to use it and…..Boom! I was frozen I couldn’t speak.


How is it? I know it’s short but I wanted the chapter to have a dramatic ending. Please comment and suggest or write what you think happens next in the story.

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Life Just Started

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