Life Just Started Part 3

Previously On Life Just Started
Arianna was in the stall crying and having a lot of trouble breathing. I screamed for a nurse and tried to drag her out of the stall She wouldn’t budge. 
 Outside I ran in to none other than Ashley and the rest of the little clique. Snapping pictures and laughing the heads off. I could do nothing but storm off and run all the way home. The wind seemed to be challenging me to run even faster. So I ran and ran. When I stopped I had no clue where I was.
I looked up and there was a very tall building with a shiny cross on top. I quickly assumed that it was a church. I ran again, even faster. That place has never ever ever done anything good for me. It’s best to get as far away from it as I can.
I was still running, but I knew I should stop. There were so many emotions running through my head. Like a stampede. I stopped and looked around again. It felt like I was in a ghost town. I began walking back in the direction I was running in before. My main thoughts were how to get out of this group. Ashley’s little clan. Was it really worth everyone knowing my name? New clothes every week? Being invited to any party that was known to the school? I don’t know. These girls were my worst bullies in kindergarten. Now, they were my worst nightmare. I’m back at the church I passed the first time. The silver cross still gleaming at the top. I rolled my eyes in disgust and walked past it once more. What has that place ever done for me? I know I’m getting closer to the school, so I try and get my thoughts together. I knew that first, I wanted to see Arianna and check on how she was doing. I knew I needed to get out of Ashley’s group. Fast. I am approaching the school and my heart is beating very quickly. I walked through the school doors just as the second bell rung for seventh period. Great. The class where the group has our little schemes for the science teacher.         ( Mr. Colt) We were supposed to be dissecting frogs and identifying their organs for a science lab. But our plans were just a bit different. Let’s just say Mr.Colt would finally get to taste how he teaches. Like a cold, slimy, revolting frog.
I know this took foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. And I have no excuses. But I will try to pick up a routine to write another piece to this story every Sabbath afternoon. lol I’m always open to suggestions and ideas. There will also be a contest for a new character. Details next Sabbath. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Life Just Started Part 3

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