Life at this new school. Part 1

“Come on, new school, new friends, it’s all going to be fine.” Rebekah said as she was about to go through the doors of the school bus.  It was her first day at her new school as she prayed to God that everything was going to be fine. Some kids just stared at her at she was going to sit down at the back seat of the bus.  As she sat down,  there was a shy boy that looked at her eyes and her long hair as she sat down.

“Hi, my name is Darius, honor to meet you. Are you new to the school? Oh, you must be the new student.” He said still staring at her.

”Well, yes. I am the new fifth grader at the school for now. By the way, my name is Rebekah.”

They stared at each other for a very long time, until a rock hit the wheels of the bus which made both of them hug each other real tight!
“Oh my word, I’m hugging a boy that I just met!” Rebekah thought.
Suddenly, the bus stopped as all the children went out of the bus.  There were crowds of children getting out of the bus when Suddenly, the bully came up to Darius and said, “look, smarty pants  found his new girlfriend!”  They boys laughed as they were about to go close to Rebekah.

“Will you knock It off?”  Rebekah said furious.

”Oh, I’m Smartypants girlfriend, and I always fart so loud, It stinks up the whole place!”

Suddenly, Rebekah started to say a Bible verse.

“ A friend loves you all the time. Proverbs 17:17” (Icb Version. )

You might think the boys learned there lesson, but at that very moment, one of them called Rebekah the name,  “buthead.”

See you later Guidecos! ( It sounds like geckos.)

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  1. Who said, ”Oh, I’m Smartypants girlfriend, and I always fart so loud, It stinks up the whole place!”? Was it the bullies? And did she say the Bible verse outlaid or in her head?

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Life at this new school. Part 1

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