Life at this new school. New year special! 🥳

“Yes!” Rebekah said out loud. “It’s finally the last day of 2023!”

“And why do you say such thing?” Her mom asked. “You loved the movies that year, like the super Mario bros movie, and Barbie too!”

“I know. But 2023 was, well, kind of boring.” Rebekah said.

“I don’t think it was.” Little Tommy said. “I just like watching cool movies!”

“Of course you do Tommy, you always say the movies are the best!” Rebekah said.

“Hey! You don’t have to bring it up you know.” Little Tommy said. But Rebekah just giggled.  It was true that the new year 2024 was coming up soon. In fact, today was Monday, 12/31/23!

“Alright everyone!” mom said. “Tonight is the night that we finally get to open the memory jar that we put memories in throughout this year. Who would like to volunteer first?”

Rebekah raised her hand up high. Yes, she was the first to do it. Paper ran down her fingers as she was trying to grab a good one.

Please please please please please let this one be about my new school, Rebekah thought to herself. Then the folded piece of paper came into her hands. She opened the memory. “Nooooooooo!” Rebekah groaned. “It’s the time in April where I peed in my pants in the middle of the night.” Everyone laughed real hard.

Then next up was Layla. “Hey!” Layla said. “I got when we went to New York City!”

Lucky. Rebekah said in her mind.

Next up was little Tommy. “Oh golly!” Tommy said. “I got my seventh birthday party!”

Boo hoo for me. Rebekah still said in her mind. Then came dad.

“Oh, great.” Her dad groaned. “I got when the dog peed on me in October.” Everyone laughed. Welcome to the club. Rebekah thought.

Then at last came mom. “Oh my!” A few tears ran down Mom’s face. “It’s when we adopted little Tommy!” Everyone felt so happy for mom. We’ll, almost everybody.

“Hey kids,” Dad said. “It’s almost time to start the new year!” Dad turned the tv on, and then the countdown started……












“Happy new year!” Everyone screamed. Mom and dad gave kisses to eachother, while Rebekah and Tommy talked. “God bless this new year everyone!” Little Tommy yelled in glee.

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Life at this new school. New year special! 🥳

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