Lanie’s Life

 “Lanie! Dear!” called my mother.
 “Yes, mom?”
 “Come here, your dad and I need to talk to you.”
    I didn’t think I was in trouble or bad grades…I wonder if…
 “Lanie! Come now!” My now-impatient father yelled.
 “Yes, daddy,” I replied, scared of a whipping.
     I ran into the living room and sat on the rocking chair.
 “Lanie, we are moving, hunny,” my mom said.
   My eyes welled up with tears at the thought of moving. My parents had disscussed it two months ago when they thought I was asleep. I was eavesdropping, maybe…but I never wanted to move! I had too many friends and was planning to live my whole life in Riverdale, Utah. I guess my plans didn’t make it through like I thought they would. Worst of all, we might have to get rid of my dog, Bacon! I loved that guy, old Bacon. He was old, but I loved how that old collie would lay his head on your lap and your lap would get warm…my thoughts were interupted with a bark! Must be Bacon! Bacon never barks! It was coming from the front yard…I ran to the front yard and saw a box with a little scruffy jack russel inside of it. 
 “Awww!” I exclaimed.
   My mom and dad came walking out and I asked them,
 “Can we keep him?”
    I could tell in their eyes they were thinking ‘no’ but you absolutly couldn’t resist those sea-green eyes of the little jack russel…
If you want me to write more, just comment and I’ll finish up the story. I’ll have you know, I’m going to camp this week, so I wont be back until Sunday the 21st…Thanks so much for reading and I hope you liked it! <333 PS you can email me (to remind me) at! God be with you! <333

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Lanie’s Life

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