Jane’s Surprises Part 2

you like tending flowers, Mr. Brookings?” Immediately after she said this, Jane
felt foolish again. “He’s a man,” Jane thought, “Men aren’t interested in those
sorts of things.” To her surprise, Mr. Brookings said, “As a matter of fact, I
do. There’s something wonderful about spending time in a garden. I feel as
though I can hear the Lord’s voice more clearly when I’m with my plants.” Jane
felt growing excitement as she began to ask Mr. Brookings more questions about
his garden. She hadn’t made a blunder in the conversation after all. Better
still was the fact that Mr. Brookings seemed to enjoy talking about his garden
as much as Jane enjoyed listening. All too soon, Jane and Uncle Robert said
their goodbyes to the tidy figure of Mr. Brookings. But the memory of what had
transpired still lingered in Jane’s mind like a sweet perfume.

Uncle Robert took Jane’s arm and escorted her out of the stadium, Jane seemed
to display a new found curiosity for everyone that they passed. The
distinguished looking people who seemed intimidating a few hours ago actually
looked more friendly. A few of them even smiled at Jane. Mothers, fathers, dignitaries,
and businesspeople. Most of them had probably attended an event like this
dozens of times, but the sight of Jane’s enthusiastic face seemed to give them
a new perspective. This was more than a social responsibility; this was a field
day for human companionship. God had answered Jane’s prayers. She had not only
made a good impression on Mr. Brookings but other people as well.

Uncle Robert said, “I am very proud of you. You’re an exceptionally good
conversationalist…with humor to boot. Some young girls feel nervous about
making an attempt at humor, but I think that you do it very nicely.” Jane let
out a sigh of relief when suddenly, she saw Mr. Brookings weave back through
the crowds of dispersed pigeons, or people, to Jane and Uncle Robert’s side. “Brookings,”
Uncle Robert said as surprise registered itself in his voice, “What is it?” Jane
was equally surprised but waited with the expression of a person who has seen an
Egyptian sphinx for the first time as Mr. Brookings leaned forward and panted
from his exertion. The poor man looked perfectly breathless as he said, “Robert,
I forgot to tell you that I have a surprise waiting for you and Miss Jane if
you come back tomorrow.”

type of surprise?” Jane asked eagerly.

Mr. Brooking said as a mysterious glint came into his blue eyes, “That you will
have to wait for, Miss Jane. Of course, if you and your uncle are busy, I understand

would be delighted, Mr. Brookings,” Jane said kindly, “Isn’t that right, Uncle

Robert nodded his head good-naturedly and Jane knew that more adventures were
forthcoming. And she would be ready to face them with the help of her Dearest

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Jane’s Surprises Part 2

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