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It’s the week before Thanksgiving. Many of us will travel to see family. We will gather around tables and celebrate a time of year when things outside become less inviting to many.

Like many holidays, the celebration of Thanksgiving has drifted from its origin story. However, with every Thanksgiving we are reminded to be thankful for our blessings.

One of my extended family members lives on the edge of the Paradise, California, wildfires. He owned and maintained a few rental properties as his primary means of income. The houses are all gone, and sadly, so are some of the people that lived in them. He celebrates this week by being alive, and by being able to help as many people as he can in a emergency tent city in a Walmart parking lot. Two weeks ago I’m sure he wasn’t thinking, “this is how I want to spend my Thanksgiving.”

So no matter what your situation during this holiday. Be thankful. Be thankful that we have community and government agencies designed to help in times of need. Be thankful if you have plenty and share with those that don’t. Maybe you should even be thankful if you have nothing, and accept the gift of being alive.

This week check out the Temperate Deciduous Forest Honor and give thanks to the beauty of our fall colored forests.

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In the Mists of Life

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