Illumi-Nate Chap 1


 Hey ya’ll

So I started this story when I was in fifth grade, and well, it wasn’t a success. I’ve tried several versions, and those were also fails. I’m still using most of the same characters, but the storyline is kind of different.

You might notice that the characters are kind of rude to each other. Don’t follow their example! at the end of the book things  will change! 

Although this story has gone through several versions, the message is the same: forgiveness




By KristytheCorgi

Car Print Bed Sheets

It was dinner time when the disturbing news was broken.

“We are going to do Foster Care,” Mom smiled.

Gabrielle “Gaby” Grey laughed. “Ha! Good one, Mom! I almost believed you!

She looked around the dinner table as her smile faded into a frown. “Wait, wha…”

“Like for real,” Isabelle “Belle” Grey gaped.

Mom and Dad nodded. “Yes we are!”


“You know,” Gaby spat in the sink that night. “I’m between happy and upset.”

P-too! It was Belle’s turn to spit. “Same.”

“At least we have a whole summer to get used to it.”


Churn, churn, swish, swish, psss-p-too!

“When’s it coming?” Gaby asked her ten year old sister.

Belle paused to look at the nine year old. “Dude, no idea.

“And, like I said, the whole summer! More than enough time!”

Well, let’s just say that it took about four years. And let’s just also say that they had more than one summer to process it.


“M-hmmm,” Gaby, now thirteen, chewed her nails four summers later. “Gotta be a boy. Car print bed sheets. Bummer. LOL.”

‘Mo-o-om,” Belle giggled. “Car print bed sheets? Can you get any more embarrassing?”

The girls observed the room quietly.

“Wonder who it will be,” Gaby sighed.

Belle nodded. “Me too.”

The girls sat quietly in the living room licking the last of the cherry popsicle off their sticky fingers.

“Hot!” Gaby said, flopping down in front of the electric fan.

Belle rubbed her sweaty back. “Mom’ll be coming soon.”

“With the kid?”


“Boo. I like how life is like this. At least it’s temporary.”

“You know they can always adopt him.”

“They won’t.”

“Concerning Mom, I dunno. Anything is possible.”

“Naw, our parents love us too much.”


“Ehhhh,” Gaby imitated.

“Gabs, don’t.”

“Sorry for offending you, Perfect.”

“Gaby, please?”


“Mocking me.”

Soon the girls found themselves bickering. Not for long, though. They were cut off by the sound of Mom’s voice.

“And I have the greatest surprise of all!” Mom giggled as she opened the door. “Surprise! You have new sisters!”

“Sick,” Gaby yawned.

Belle jabbed Gaby hard in the ribs, ignoring her sister’s yelps.

Mom shot the girls a warning glance. “Anyway… Um, girls, show Nate around.”

Nate, setting his stuff on the ground of his new room, groaned. “Of all things! Car print bed sheets!”



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Illumi-Nate Chap 1

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