I Gave In. Mistakes and Returns Announcment!

So when I published “Back” which was based on When the Time Comes, I felt like people want When the Time Comes back. However, I also think that people like my series “Failure” and I really enjoy writing it, especially because I feel like this one might have more of a plot twist that will throw people off. I also have the third “book” in that series already planned. But, I really miss this series, so I’m going to be writing both stories at the same time. So basically every single Saturday/Friday I will be publishing either Failure or/and Mistakes and Return.
Disclaimer: I have a third “book” planned in the When the Time Comes series, but that will be the last of that series. I don’t want to overdo the good ol’ times of When the Time Comes. Also it will not have the main characters in this or WTTC 1 (I’m gonna abbreviate it like that from now on). I really wanted the main characters to be in it but the story-line that I have created does not allow those characters to possibly still be alive, since WTTC 1 was supposed to be in 64 A.D. and WTTC 2 is in 68 A.D., it’s too far away from that time period. However, I will be most likely having those new characters be descendants of the main characters from WTTC 1 and 2.
Let’s talk about what the book will be about and some other questions.
Will the main characters in WTTC 1 be in WTTC 2?
Yes! Actually the two main plot-lines in this book are centered around two of the people who were in jail, but escaped. You might be able to tell by the cover who they are.
Can Rebecca still be alive?
I wish I could have made it historically accurate and also make all the Christians escape, but I only let myself free Octavia and Josiah, just because I knew they could help me so much in later books. Rebecca is dead and can’t be in this story, sadly.
Will Josiah and Octavia be some of the main characters in here? I want to know what’s happening with them!
Yes! Actually, they are one of the two main plot-lines in the story.
If this was an actual book, what would the back cover description for it be?
“Two women find themselves in very different perils. One is shipwrecked and the other is imprisoned for disobeying her master. What will happen to them? How did they get there in the first place? Join Octavia, Josiah, Sethe, Kaila and Jacob on an adventure they’ll never forget.” And I gave half of the plot away. Oh well.
Did you draw the cover?
No. It was made by Azaela dolls. I do this a lot because it really helps me to see what I want in a character. It helps me to describe them and really understand them. I’m weird like that. Also I edited it using Canva, which you should check out!
That’s all the questions I could think of myself, but go ahead and ask me questions in the comment section below! I want to talk about some other things. I’ve been feeling so inspired with writing, but it’s kind of hard because in my mind I have WTTC 2, Failure, this other book I’m planning on releasing to Guide after Failure and WTTC, and 2 other secular books. So I’ve decided that I’m going to write Failure and WTTC first and then write another book about guardian angels and “their humans.”
That’s it! I hope you guys enjoy this!

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I Gave In. Mistakes and Returns Announcment!

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