How Could They?

Before day one, Before the sun, A perfect place existed.

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Lived with those whom They loved most Till Lucifer resisted.

He had it all. Why did he fall?
How could he complain? How could the angels – an entire third –
Just take satan’s lying word And view the Father with disdain?

But they did. They took the lies that satan taught And believed them all. And then they fought.
They fought with God – a full on war In heaven till God closed the door
And banned them from their perfect home. How could they?

A beautiful world – a perfect earth – God created with His voice.
But Eden’s perfect aura was shattered with one choice. On day six, He’d used His hands to make man out of dust.
But days later, a serpent was where Adam and Eve had put their trust.

Their connection with God broke with just one bite
Their naked skin felt the chill of the night
They ran and hid and feared Gods sight
Eden was perfect. It was a garden of light.
But because of them, sin ruined it all.
How could they?

But God forgave them. God protected them. And He came up with a plan.
He would send His son – His only
Son – to die and to save man.
Jesus was born in a cold barn, in a wooden box for hay.
He gave up His life in heaven just so we could live there with Him someday.
Us. He gave it all up for us.
And what are we?
We’re cheaters
We’re thieves
We’re liars
Just look at history. We’ve thrown God’s men into fires
We lust. We covet. We hate.
How could we?

Jesus loved. Jesus healed. Jesus cared.
He spoke of truth. And whatever He had, He shared.
And for the price of a slave,
God’s own Son was betrayed.
He wanted nothing more than to love
And to live with us in heaven above
And what did His own friend do?
What did Jesus’s close friend do?
What did Judas Iscariot do?
He betrayed his Savior for the price of a slave.
How could he?

They came and took Jesus
And they threw Him on the ground.
And don’t you laugh,
Don’t you dare laugh,
Because they were laughing.
He choked on the blood coming from His mouth
While they choked on their laughter.
They beat Him to the ground.
They kicked Him to the ground.
They whipped Him on the ground.
They spat on the ground.
His blood spilled on the ground.
And they laughed.
His name drove out demons.
And they mocked it.
His hands held children and healed the sick.
And they received nails.
His feet. His precious feet.
Mary poured perfume on His feet.
Mary’s tears had washed His feet.
She used her hair to dry His feet.
He walk for miles on His feet.
They pierced a nail through His feet. And they laughed.
They tortured our precious Savior
And the devil laughed.

He was hung on a splintering cross for all to see.
They jeered at Him, “Ask Your Father to set You free.”
Jesus was bleeding and breathing heavily
He cried out with a desperate plea
“My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?”
And there He died on Calvary.

How could they? How could they? How could they?
From century to century, day by day,
God had provide for His people. He had prepared a way.
His son came to earth that cold, dark day
And despite all His love, in a tomb was where He lay.
Didn’t they care about what God had done?
Didn’t they care He had sent His Son?
But Jesus rose again. The war was won.
Jesus died and rose again.
And all I have to say is…

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How Could They?

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