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The past 3years I (13 years old) have made some very trustworthy,honest friends. One of them being a woman I deeply respect. Her name is Janelle she has been in the horse business for 40 years. I had been stuck in a hard place, when as I call it, she rescued me.

My parents have been divorced for almost ten years. Both my parents have gotten remarried and moved multiple times.

At my dad’s, we had gotten into the horse riding life.  They had gotten me my own horse. But they wouldn’t let me go out and just sit one it.  They only time they let me was when they where watching and sometimes they didn’t want to watch me. I was feeling frustrated because I couldn’t do anything. I felt that I was being treated differently than my sister (18). So eventually they(my stepmom and step sister) started getting TikTok,instagram,and social media in to their heads and started to act like they knew everything. It got to the point where they started telling me what to do even though Janelle had already taught me. And it got to the point where I didn’t want to ride at my dad’s, only at Janelles.

So I talked to Janelle, and we decided that I was going to “adopt” one of her horses and do whatever I wanted with it. My mom decided to support me and started paying 100 dollars per month to let me ride two times a week. I was worried that I would have to forget my horse at my dads but then Janelle told me that,I won’t ever forget my horse just that I just needed to let the whole situation go and put in God’s hands.  I learned that week that if you ask God for help, He gives it and that you sometimes needs to breathe and let things go.

The End

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Home Challenges

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